3 Powerful Tips to Overcome Your Anxiety

  1. Power Questions: Power questions program your mind with what you want - instead of what you don't want. Feed your mind with positive questions: "What would it take for me to replace fearful anticipation with ...Complete and Total Calm, Capable Confidence?" ...

"What would it take for me to feel Complete and Total Calm, Capable Confidence?" ...

"What would it take for me to feel Completely and Totally SAFE and IN CONTROL?"

2. Journalling & Mind Dump Tasks: I personally use journalling as powerful tool to declutter my mind and emotions. It has significantly helped many of my clients who now use the method I share.

Every evening I list my successes for the day - this provides me with a sense of accomplishment and stops me forgetting what I've achieved - it always gives me a boost to acknowledge my efforts for the day (no matter how big or small). My client who is juggling three jobs, a fiancé and a baby includes washing her hair, washing her clothes and making a healthy meal - it is surprising how easy it is to take many of our efforts for granted.

Describe 3 gratitudes and why - The why is important because it gets to the heart of your true feelings about something. This action deepens your understanding and ability to feel gratitude. Incase you were not already aware, writing down gratitudes like this retrains your mind to be more aware and open to things that match these gratitudes. When we feel genuine heartfelt gratitude, it is a similar feeling to happiness.

Offload tasks for the following day, week, month. Circle three things that you plan to do first the following day.

3. Shower: If you are able to take a shower, this may seem trivial, but it's one of my favourite ways to come down from anxiety. I imagine the water washing away all my cares - just trust me. Now if you want something a bit more extreme - why not switch to 'cold' and blast your body for a few seconds of invigorating cold water. Wim Hoff (the Iceman) suggests 30 seconds. I must admit, 5 seconds is sometimes plenty. However if you are in the mood for a little iceman challenge - give it a go. Wim Hoff believes that the cold is his teacher and that a cold shower a day, keeps the doctor away. Let me know how you get on with the above and if you want to ask me any further questions or suggest your favourite anxiety tip, please comment below.

Much love, Suzi