3 Powerful Tips to Overcome Your Anxiety

Updated: May 21

  1. Plan, Prepare and Persist Don't wait for an anxious situation to derail you. It is important to recognise how you respond to different stresses. Understand that there are some anxieties that you can control and some that you can't. It is critical for you to know what you can change and what you cannot. Some things you have to accept about yourself, but there are many worries, anxieties and fears that you can completely re-interpret, eliminate or manage with greater confidence.

  2. Update your Mindset: It is possible to update your perceptions and irrational thoughts with transformational processes, repetition and persistence. It is difficult to discover our own 'destructive' thought patterns because they are so familiar to us and overtime we will have identified with these ideas, beliefs, fears. It is quicker and efficient for someone who is trained in transformational coaching to spot a core 'negative' or 'limiting' belief pattern.

  3. PRESS Pause You can change anxious thinking or negative patterns by slowing down your reactions with the rehearsed command; "PAUSE" in relation to triggers that you want to feel more manageable. Imagine a BIG button in your Computer Mind - and PRESS IT. The key point here is to SLOW your reaction in order to respond with your rational, logical thinking mind.

Much love, Suzi