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I can support you to overcome persistent fears & phobias, anxiety & panic attacks, trauma, relationship conflicts and negative thought patterns, to make way for feeling good about yourself.  I have 18 years transformational coaching and therapeutic experience with personal problems such as:

How do I...

  • stop worrying so much?

  • gain confidence in myself?

  • make my relationships work?

  • become more organised and effective in what I do?

  • keep myself motivated?  

 I can help you to identify what truly matters to you in order to create the necessary motivation to live your best life.  


I can help you to:

  1. Manage your emotions and thoughts

  2. Improve your health and fitness

  3. Become happier and more successful

  4. Improve your confidence and self-esteem

  5. Identify what is holding you back or preventing you from having a happier and more successful life

Other Expertise: 

I have an extensive background in positive psychology, child development and personal coaching and can help you acquire the mindset skills to become emotionally and physically fit and healthy, to have confidence and to improve your relationships.


Professional Associations:

CNHC - Complementary and National Healthcare Council

BIH - British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP



Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist

Advanced EFT Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner

Master NLP Trainer

Professional Coach, Coaching Academy

Author of



Sessions are through Zoom and In-Person - Call Suzi for a discovery chat or email suzi@rapid-health.co.uk 


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About Me

In April 1999 my best friend committed suicide, two days before her 40th birthday.  After a period of grief and confusion, I entered a journey through human suffering to discover how it is possible to find our way out of psychological pain.

I am passionate about helping you to use the power of your emotions, instead of them disempowering you.  Creating behaviours that will enable you to live the life you want and to feel great.  I am a qualified professional life coach and hypnotherapist and I combine EFT, NLP and Cognitive RePatterning within the therapeutic process to make sure you get the results you are looking for.  

I love: dancing, yoga, beach walks, 2cheekybeagles, babies, cute smiles, sunshine, family fun, productivity, achievement, gratitude, hot tubs, reading, kindness, caring, plant based cooking, tennis, colourful gardening, blue sky thinking, freedom, exploring, adventure travel...and so much more... 


I can support you to create a life you love and set you on a path of progress to make important positive shifts in your life. Get in touch to find out how.  


Client Reviews

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Suzi offers Zoom and In-Person session in Birchington & Kent's 5 Star Holistic Retreat

Dev Biswal

5 Star Review - Linked-in & Google Business  "Suzi's expertise is absolutely amazing!  She identifies intuitively exactly what you need.  She has helped me bring about long term and positive changes in my life.  She is a gifted professional."

Dev Biswal

Suzi Tyler Coaching

Meet Suzi Tyler

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Most of us worry deep down that we're not good enough. Find out who you truly are and change your life for the better.  Start living with true openness and freedom.  "For anyone who is truly ready to live your best life"

Suzi Tyler, Rapid-Health for Mind & Body

How do I... 

Improve my confidence and self-esteem?

Improve my relationships?

Become happy?

Family Walking On the Beach

Why do I...

Worry so much? 

Feel judged all the time?

Let emotions hijack my happiness?

Suzi Tyler, Rapid-Health for Mind & Body

 Improve the quality of my life?

Improve the quality of my health?

Improve the quality of my habits?

How do I...


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