Suzi works flexibly to achieve your personal needs.

Suzi is professionally registered with CNHC - Complementary and National Healthcare Council and BIH - British Institute of Hypnotherapy with 15 years of experience as a Master Hypnotherapist, Registered Advanced EFT Matrix Re-imprinting, Master NLP Trainer, Coaching professional, speaker and author; Suzi's intuitive approach enables her to address a wide range of difficulties from chronic anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias to low self-confidence and self-esteem. Suzi uses scientifically proven mind and heart coherence techniques to shift stuck states of frustration and resentment to healthy happiness and freedom.  

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Suzi has helped hundreds of clients to unlock their potential with rapid-hypnotherapy, brain and heart coherence techniques. Suzi's intuitive approach enables you to neutralise panic attack, anxiety and post traumatic stress triggers, promoting healthy relationships, greater self-confidence and freedom.

Meet Suzi Tyler

Suzi has a passion for helping others to unlock their potential relationship happiness, inner confidence, inner peace, self worth, self awareness and purpose.

Suzi has a home practice in Birchington-on-Sea where she lives with her husband, children and extended family.  Suzi loves keeping fit with dancing, yoga, fitness classes - body balance, body pump, tennis and cycling. 

Using rapid hypnotherapy and peak performance techniques, Suzi helps to fast track your results by helping you clear negative patterns that are spoiling your freedom to create a life you love.  Suzi can provide you with clarity, confidence and tools to enable you to create important positive shifts in your life.


Client Reviews

See for Yourself

Suzi has helped to transform their lives. They found help and you can do the same.

"Suzi is amazing. My Doctor recommended I came to see Suzi with issues that I never thought I would ever progress through. She is open and flexible to your needs.  She has helped me push forward through compulsions and chronic body anxiety issues so that I can enjoy my life at such a young age. I 100% recommend Suzi for rapid, thorough help.  Thank you so much for your support."

Kate Maclean

"The fact that Suzi is both an impressively efficient professional and a highly compassionate, caring person pushes me to improve many areas of my life. I thank her for her great work and hope she will continue helping others like me."

Gianni Sommariva

"I can't thank Suzi enough, her program helped me to turn a past traumatic experience into just a memory that no longer intrudes on my present life.  Suzi used powerful processes to build my confidence and break through my fears of driving, money and success limits. I greatly enjoyed meeting Suzi and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done! Thank you Suzi Tyler."

Donna Lowery

5 Star Review on Trust Pilot "The impact that Suzi has had on my life is genuinely immeasurable.  I am happier, healthier, and confident as a result of my sessions with Suzi.  I can see this change in myself as can others around me.  Suzi is approachable, highly skilled and easy to talk to - I wish I had met her sooner."

Lynsey Collens

Suzi is absolutely amazing! She has helped me bring about long tern and positive changes in my life.  She is a gifted professional.

Dev Biswal

I worked with Suzi for pain relief for CRPS with severe pain. After just two breakthrough sessions with Suzi, listening to her hypnosis and working with the tools she gave me, within 8 weeks I was able to walk completely unaided.  I no longer use a wheelchair or crutches and she has completely set me free.  I am so grateful and happy and I fully recommend her intuitive experience to all.    

Lorraine Hirst

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Fresh New Possibilities are Available to You

Delete destructive thought patterns

Reimprint destructive thought patterns. Wash away all the negative energy associated with a feeling that is not helping you. 
 If you’re feeling stuck, blocked or confused, consider what you want to get rid of? Suzi offers bespoke packages to set your limits free.  Take a look at fresh & new possibilities right here.


Breakthrough Session

Fears, Phobias & Panic Attacks

Transform your Limits

Healthy Happiness, Ease & Flow

3 session package

Unlock Your Potential

From personal success to panic attack and anxiety free growth, Suzi Tyler wants to help you overcome your struggles in order to create a fresh & new future.

Are you wanting to change, remove or improve something that is spoiling your peace, joy and confidence? Do you wish to clear a problem pattern of stress, anxiety or panic attacks?  Suzi uses powerful healing processes that create new belief patterns of possibility and how you can create new hope into your life.

This program goes deeper into your personal self-esteem, self-worth, abundance and confidence limits. Suzi supports you to overcome your struggles in order to create the successful future you’ve always dreamt of. Answer some breakthrough questions and start benefiting today.

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