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Suzi Tyler, Rapid-Health for Mind & Body
Green Road Therapy Room

Suzi Tyler, IDPC, DipHyp, Master NLP-Hypnotherapist, Adv.EFT Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, EMDR Therapist, Relationship/Life Coaching with Coaching & Mentoring International & Coaching Academy  

If you or someone you love is struggling with a relationship difficulty or anxiety issue, Suzi specialises in mindset and emotions and will identify your best progress path to unlock your potential.  


Suzi provides therapeutic relief with a panic disorders, PTSD, burnout and overwhelm.

Suzi's unique approach provides you with essential mindset skills, fresh enthusiasm, renewed focus, and powerful tools for personal growth and relationship happiness. 


If you are ready to create a strong mindset to meet many of life's difficulties: loss, rejection, guilt, disappointment, failure;  the techniques and coaching models Suzi uses, replace negative patterns with empowering ones.  As you increase in confidence, you'll be implementing new ways of thinking and feeling; increasing your self worth, self belief and self confidence.


Professional Associations

CNHC - Complementary and National Healthcare Council

BIH - British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP



Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist

Advanced EFT Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner

Master NLP Practitioner & Trainer

Professional Coach, Coaching Academy

Grief and Bereavement Counselling Diploma

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy Diploma

Author of



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CNHC Registered Therapist, Suzi Tyler

About Me

My journey has led me to harness the positive power of our emotions, instead of them disempowering us.  As a Certified & Registered Therapist, Counsellor and Life Coach, I use an intuitive approach to create deeply personalised solutions.  

I love family fun, cycling holidays, salsa dancing, creative cooking, gardening, yoga, beach walks, 2cheekybeagles, babies, cute smiles, sunshine, productivity, achievement, simplicity, gratitude, reading, spas, massage, tennis, blue sky thinking, exploring, adventure travel...and most of all I love supporting my clients transitions.  


If you want help to create a life you love and set you on a path of progress to make important positive shifts in your life. Get in touch to find out how.  

Suzi Tyler Coaching

Meet Suzi Tyler

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Client Reviews

Read past client reviews to discover how Rapid-Health has helped to transform their lives. 

Suzi offers 'in person' and video sessions in Birchington-on-Sea & Kent's 5 Star Holistic Retreat

Sporty Female in her 30s
Dev Biswal

5 Star Review - Linked-in & Google Business  "Suzi's expertise is absolutely amazing!  She identifies intuitively exactly what you need.  She has helped me bring about long term and positive changes in my life.  She is a gifted professional."

Dev Biswal

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Sail Boat in Tropics

Most of us worry deep down that we're not good enough.  Challenge your persistent limiting thoughts.  

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Awesome Benefits of Life Coaching

Below is a list of results that you can work with me towards:

  1. Create self awareness and fulfilment

  2. Achieve Goals

  3. Make quantum leaps in your Mindset

  4. Discover what is important to you and why

  5. Become organised and smarter in what you do to increase productivity

  6. Improve communication and increased relationship happiness  

  7. Challenge persistent limiting thoughts

  8. Have way more energy for fun & playfulness

  9. Decrease depression and anxiety

  10. Reduce Stress to improve your physical well-being

  11. Increase your core confidence and self-esteem

  12. Transform your quality of life 


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