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Letting go of the Past regrets

Updated: Jan 4

Have you ever wondered how life might be different, if you had made a different decision or chosen a different path? Perhaps you are still blaming someone for something or beating yourself up?

Not letting go of the past can be a heavy burden, holding us back from experiencing our full happiness potential. We all have moments in our past that we wish we could change. Whether it's a missed opportunity, a poor decision, or a hurtful action. It is important to remember that regrets are a natural part of life, signifying human mistakes. When a part of us refuses letting go of the past, all of that regret leaks out into our current life and feeds 'unrelated' outbursts of anger and stress. When regrets are not released, they create tightness, nervous tension and fatigue.

Steps to Letting Go of the Past:

  1. Acknowledge your regrets, disappointments or mistakes. Ignoring it or suppressing it will only increase it.

  2. Take forward transformative, positive learnings that will benefit your future.

  3. Be open to forgiveness. Forgiveness of yourself or others is sometimes the hardest part for some people.

  4. Focus on the Present. Instead of dwelling on past mistakes, engage in activities that make you happy.

  5. Seek Professional help: If your regrets are causing significant distress, it may be helpful to seek the assistance of a mental health professional. They can provide strategies and techniques to help the 'letting go of the past' process.

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How to Achieve Letting Go of the Past to Embrace the Present

Modern day techniques give us methods to let go of regrets. Suzi uses EFT Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnosis and Reframing to facilitate the 'letting go of the past' process.

Conclusion: Letting go of regrets is not an overnight process. By acknowledging your regrets, learning from your mistakes, practicing forgiveness, focusing on the present, and seeking help when needed, you can start letting go of the past and move forwards towards a healthier happier future.

If you need help to let go, get in touch.


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