Letting go of Regrets and Blame

Updated: Mar 4

Have you ever wondered how life might be different, if you had made a different decision or chosen a different path? Perhaps you are still blaming someone for something or blaming yourself? When a part of us refuses to let go of an old hurt, grievance, disappointment or emotional pain, all of that energy leaks into outbursts of anger, fear, anxiety, stress and relationship difficulties. When regrets or blame are held onto, they create tightness and cause us to be caught up in a cycle of further suffering.

Regrets and blame keep us stuck in the past.

When we regret, we block our potential for love, self-love and a fulfilling future. Techniques can be invaluable for giving us a method to release and let go of regrets. Over many years I have used EFT Matrix Reimprinting, NLP & Hypnosis to facilitate the healing process.

If you feel like regrets are keeping you stuck but you don't know how to let go, get in touch with Suzi for a discovery chat.


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