Never Regret your Decisions

Updated: Mar 7

Never regret your decisions because regrets can lead you to you stop believing in yourself and in a brighter future. Reframe regrets into action and something worthwhile. Every mistake can ultimately make you smarter and stronger and provide you with a valuable learning. All the love, kindness and playfulness that makes life meaningful becomes tarnished with regrets, so let go readily, replace regret with positive lessons and get so busy living your life that you are too fulfilled for regrets.

Have you ever met someone who gets in their own way by holding onto past resentments and regrets? When a part of them refuses to let go of a grudge, the part that refuses to let go fuels unexpected outbursts of anger, anxiety, stress and relationship difficulties. When regrets are held onto, they create tightness and discomfort in the body and mind.

Negative energy such as regret can weaken the immune system and contribute to dis-ease. When you regret your decisions and cannot let them go, you keep your energy stuck in the past.

When you regret, you shrink your potential for love, joy and freedom to feel connected to a positive future.

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