Value of 10 min Meditation

Meditation is scientifically proven to rewire your brain with as little as 10 minutes of meditation each day.  It will enhance your ability to be more ‘In the moment’ and the biggest benefit is how it unlocks the creative brain.   The biggest block to starting a meditation habit is just GETTING STARTED.

I have created easy ways to slip in tiny meditations throughout my day.  I personally prefer active mindfulness meditations and I can teach you how to slip into that euphoric space with just a little practice.

At first it helps to limit yourself to no more than one or two 10 minutes each day.  Set your phone timer or choose a guided meditation.  By restricting the time you do it, it will make you want to do it for longer.  You want to make it your special treat or reward for a small achievement perhaps (like getting out of bed within 5 seconds of waking) or doing your morning yoga, stretching or plank challenge – a blissful ‘you time’ of tranquility and inner peace.

Science has proven that even a few minutes practice each day re-trains your hormones out of the ‘exhausting’ stress response. The cumulative benefits of mindfulness and meditation are now being used for peak performance throughout the world.

Remember, your body is either in a state of ‘stress’, or ‘rest and digest’ – never both!   So if you want all the amazing benefits of learning how this can work for you, give Suzi a call now.  +447836 635233