Suzi uses simple but amazing and highly effective techniques in her processes. She has the capability to touch and transform lives! She is definitely a great gift! Canterbury, Kent.

Dev Biswal

Director at Ambrette Restaurants

I worked with Suzi as my health and life coach for approximately 2years. We worked through EFT Tapping techniques and coaching on wide and varied personal/life/business/health issues.

When life and my vision became blurred and tired she always picked me up and challenged my mind to come back round on track. I walked into our sessions sometimes with my head down and when I came out my head was up and ready to go again.

If we ran over our time, she never chased me out or cut our session short and always gave me the time to explore why my thoughts were so.

We don’t always have all the answers ourselves, but I have someone in Suzi who I trust and am confident that I may share my thoughts with, who understands me in order to help.

Michael Crane

Office Supplies Specialist, Featured on Telegraph.co.uk We Solve Your Business Supplies Challenges

I found Suzi to be a most effective and caring personal coach and healer.

I am so very pleased to have met Suzi and to have been treated by her. The outcomes of the treatment have been profound and long lasting.. a BIG thank you.

Craig Boddington

Programme Manager – Global Integration Program at ABB

I first became aware of Suzi through my wife who had great results with weight loss. I was at first reluctant, the normal “Male” response to asking for help even when we need it. As men we don’t want to accept that we may have weaknesses and more importantly allow someone to see them. However, from the first appointment I felt a great sense of relief and through the next few sessions we were able to work through many of the root causes that have resulted compulsive behaviour and thinking. I continue to have coaching sessions with Suzi as I feel they have a great positive influence on my happiness and well being. I would be happy to recommend Suzi to anyone, and believe most people would benefit from her expertise.


I have know Suzi for many years, and often refer my clients to her for their emotional health issues, which are treated with great success. Suzi is very experienced, professional and an excellent and successful practitioner. My self and other professional practitioners have the highes regard for her and her work.

Lorna Marchant

Owner, optnutrition

Thank you Suzi, I am in a very different place now – our sessions enabled me to deal with a very stressful time.

Theresa Whitfield

Just to let you know that things with Steve are still going really well and I have now got a new job (in fact I was offered three jobs in one week!) so just a massive thank you and I’ll be in touch soon!” Two Years Later…”I am still with my boyfriend and that is going really well! I am enjoying what I am doing and I have been doing some voluntary work with children one hour a week, which I really love. After my final session with you, I felt a lot happier with myself and more confident – able to feel that I could deal with things and think to myself that I was me and that there were plenty of reasons to feel positive.


You’ll be pleased to hear that I can now breathe through both nostrils and have been practising! I shall recommend you and EFT to all! Many thanks again, Love Alison

Alison had problems breathing through one of her nostrils for eight years. Alison needed only one session to be cleared.

Kathie came to me with guilt feelings regarding an affair, which also exposed unresolved pain from her father’s affair whilst she was still quite young. Her feelings were confused and the guilt was spoiling her marriage. These conflicts were draining her energy and health and spoiling her time with her children. We cleared anger and guilt and gained clarity around decisions.

…I wanted to thank you for your wonderfully perceptive help and guidance. Since our sessions I have felt very positive with loads more energy. You have helped me experience the power of true forgiveness, to live life in the Now. I am feeling confident in so many areas of my life – I can’t thank you enough.

Lorraine had a conflict at work that was causing considerable stress. It was easy to see that she had a fear of confrontation which is very common. Assertiveness does not mean being aggressive and setting boundaries is a vital component for confident living.

Through undertaking your power course, I was able to understand what was blocking my emotions. I was aware of difficulties with various individuals and was able to associate this with areas that affected me as a child. The course helped me to highlight these areas and deal with them direct, confronting my fear of confrontation.


Sarah had suffered with monthly and sometimes weekly migraines since a teenager.

…I haven’t had a migraine now for eighteen months! It is incredible that anger and guilt from my childhood, caused me years of unbearable pain and wasted days of my life. I am now not afraid to accept social invitations and am studying for a new career, which would have been unheard of, as studying would often bring on a migraine.

Sarah, Canterbury, Kent.

I spent 4 extraordinary days at Witherdens Hall just before Christmas and I cannot recommend the place highly enough, I truly feel that thanks to the therapist Suzi Tyler that it has been a life changing experience for me. When I arrived I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and I’m now going back to my life feeling ready to move forward and be happy. I will treasure this experience always and I will definitely be back!

London Trip Advisor Recommendation

During a total of five sessions with Ben, I was able to heal an early sexual abuse experience that was causing repressed anger and shame emotions that found their way out as anxiety behaviours’, involving hair pulling and obsessive thinking about a past relationship.

After one telephone session, I noticed no real urge to hair pull, even though I was going through a really stressful patch. I can highly recommend Suzi’s sensitivity, non judgmental approach and simple way she guided me through the procedure.

Ben, London

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 18 months ago after suffering for the last 30 years with general and severe pains in my arms and legs. I decided to try EFT and went to see Suzi and there are no other words except ‘she changed my life for the better’. After having 3 sessions with Suzi she established that my problem was emotional, and that it manifested itself into pain. She helped me release these emotions and here we are ….80% pain free. Thank you Suzi

Sam Withrington

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