Stress & Anger Therapy

Are you feeling tired, irritable, moody and intolerant? Have you been snapping at your partner, children or colleagues?  Are you overwhelmed or time pressured?  Is something spoiling your quality of health, life and happiness? Has stress become a daily habit?  

ANGELA MORRIS:“I’ve been battling with this issue for 23 years. Suzi has such a wide range of techniques, each session is tailored to your individual needs. Suzi gave me a recording of my hypnosis so that I can integrate the changes.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. She’s a genuine person that really wants to help people.”  Birchington-on-Sea, Kent.

DEV BISWALL: “Suzi uses simple but amazing and highly effective techniques in her processes – she has the capacity to transform lives!  I continue to benefit from Suzi’s unique approach and anybody who wishes to make a real and positive change in their life, I fully recommend – She is a gift!” Canterbury, Kent.

Together we can assess what is currently spoiling your happiness, inner peace and confidence to create a healthier, happier, vibrant YOU. Get in touch to receive your FREE Stress Assessment.

Chronic stress is commonly a precursor to panic attacks, adrenal fatigue, hyper-sensitivity to caffeine, food intolerances, sleep difficulties, hormone imbalances, IBS, acne, thyroid dysfunction, ME, MS and auto immune disorders…your personal stress threshold is unique to you.   Life threatening conditions are often undetected until established as a chronic condition. So if you are suffering the symptoms of too much stress and need help to either prevent chronic stress from worsening, or require support to recover, get in touch without delay.  Stress burnout is a serious warning – ignor at your peril.  It is vital to make time for healing and a lifestyle change is imperative to prevent further suffering.  I would love to support your healing journey and teach you how to unlock your unique health potential.  

You can get in touch with Suzi by calling +44(0)7836 635233 or EMAIL:  

How are anger and stress related?  Does one affect the other?

Anger is actually attempting to protect us from painful feelings that oftentimes makes us feel vulnerable and not in control.  e.g. shame, humiliation, perceived wrong doing, being forced to do something, trapped, pressured.  It can also be a learned habit being triggered from frustration, impatience or intolerance.

It is a very common to cover up fear, hurt and sadness with anger.  Interestingly pain alone is not enough to cause anger.  Anger occurs when pain is combined with an anger triggering thought.  Depression is anger directed inwards.  Aggression is anger directed outwards.  It’s good to stick up for yourself, but is aggression going to win you friends and influence people?  

Stress is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event or threat to survival.  Stress is a survival mechanism to mobilise us into action and keep us safe in an emergency.  Unfortunately unmanaged stress can spoil our long term health and relationships.

Stressors:  Fear, anxiety, pressure of exams, expectations, indecision, relationship conflict or loss, moving house, humiliation, rejection, perceived injustice, overwhelm, striving to be perfect, physical pain, low from an addiction, emotions of shame, helplessness and hopelessness, feeling out of control, offended, forced, trapped, personal boundaries violated, anger.

Is stress harmful, or does it have some benefits?  You may have heard that a little bit of stress is actually good for you.  In the right amount adrenaline can power you through a long day at work, boost your workouts and focus the mind.  Stress chemicals that include adrenaline and cortisol prepare you for a perceived threat.   When the perceived ‘threat’ is over, the body will do everything it can to re-establish balance.   However, if the threat is workload, perfectionism, a difficult relationship, hatred of another or self loathing, these will compound over time and threaten your quality of life.    What feels good to conquer the day, will eventually turn nasty.   So when does stress turn nasty…

Harmful effects of stress: fatigue, depression, anxiety, more prone to colds and flu, hormonal imbalances, Thyroid dysfunction, immune disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, ME, MS and IBS.   If the thyroid system becomes over strained…it is irreversible.  Stress has been linked to high blood pressure, strokes, acne, impaired memory and dementia.  Headaches and weight gain are worstened by too much stress.

Do we have a warning flag that indicates too much stress?  If you are feeling fatigued/exhausted, moody, irritable, frustrated, easy to anger or more intolerant than usual.

If you are struggling with stress, get in touch with Suzi 07836 635233 to learn how to create reserves of vibrant energy to enjoy the quality lifestyle you deserve.   Appointments are available in Birchington and Whitstable Kent and Harley Street, London W1.  Also Video Skype.

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