Relationship Happiness Skills

Are you struggling with a difficult relationship?

Do you need help to move forward positively?

You you need help to let go of the past?

Do you worry that you are repeating the same pattern over and over?

Relationship Happiness Power Coaching Package Confidential & Non-judgemental

Empowering you to move forward with Strong Self-esteem, Communication Skills and Confidence. Are you conflicted about your relationship? Has trust been broken and you don’t know how to move forward? Do you long for relationship happiness and fulfilment?  Is someone special slipping away?  If you want confidential help to move forward with clarity and focus, call Suzi now.  

The Power Coaching Package can be taken along-side Relationship Counselling and Marriage Counselling.  I have had couples who have ceased their Relationship Counselling because it was getting them nowhere or making things worse.  It is ESSENTIAL for couples to each have great rapport with their Counsellor or Coach.  Get in touch for a FREE TASTER SESSION to find out if we are a good fit.  “It is with great gratitude that I write this review.  I came to Suzi at such a low point, with limiting beliefs and a relationship that I believed was irreparable.  I achieved huge progress each session. Suzi has radically changed my life in the 8 weeks that I have seen her in ways and magnitude I wouldn’t have believed possible at the outset. I am so grateful to have found Suzi.  Her work is transformational and powerful.” N. Stephens, Central London W1 – 5 Star Review on Google Harley Street Practice.

“I help individuals and couples to get their relationship back on track.”  Get in touch to request your FREE Relationship Assessment.

  1. Learn leading edge communication skills to turn any relationship around.
  2. Set personal boundaries of respect and learn how to communicate them.
  3. Self Belief: Learn how to become more in control of your behaviours with motivation to grow your self-belief, self-worth and self-esteem.
  4. Learn how to work together to bring out the best in each other.

Suzi is the kind of person that you immediately feel comfortable with and can cut to the heart of an issue, even if it is challenging. Her combination of techniques allow her to appeal to and impact a wide cross section of clients. I highly recommend her.”  Ben Barnett ~Holistic Health and Performance Facilitator

“Alice is now 27 weeks pregnant and we are going to have a little girl.  After your truly life changing help this summer, I have finally learnt so many things: I am able to sit back and talk things over and make a better relationship.  I am not as jealous and mistrusting in any way and this has enabled me to form a (never before) loving relationship with her son as well.  It’s a new chapter in my life altogether.  I have also set up my own company now and have the mindset to see it through.  Feeling great …Can’t thank you enough for everything you have done!” Love John, Alice, James and bump xxxx 

“I count myself as extremely lucky to have found Suzi and Rapid-Health Coaching.  Suzi has a unique, professional and relaxed style which gave me quick and lasting results.” Lorraine Fairweather, LLB Senior Project Manager at Capita Asset Services.

Unlock your Relationship Potential with Advance Communication Skills and Rapid-Health Breakthroughs

Get in touch with Suzi +44(0)7836 635233 

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