Can anxiety be cured?

Updated: Mar 4

"Ever since I can remember, fear and anxiety has been a problem for me. I recall feeling panicked on the first day of school. I remember other times feeling afraid in the the huge assembly hall with all the children around me, feeling hot and dizzy. But I couldn't leave, I wasn't allowed to leave and so I pushed down my emotions and did the best to get through.

Another time I remember feeling unwell in the classroom and physically being sick. I was so embarrassed as I felt everyone watching me. Ever since then I feared being sick.

Then when I was 19, I was taken to a restaurant with my family and suffered a huge panic attack. From that moment on, I feared going to restaurants and kept myself away from social interactions as much as possible."

This is a real case history of one of Suzi’s clients. These panic feelings evolved into what is labelled Emetophobia - an extreme fear of vomiting and feeling sick.

"I sought therapy with Suzi to find relief from the churning and spinning of my gut and to deal with the current stress that I was under. Having recently lost my dad and now caring for my mother, my stomach was screaming."

Suzi created a program to remove some big trauma stresses, and provided her with hypnosis to calm the hyperactivity and stress in her gut and to enjoy better quality sleep.

"Having just had three sessions, I am already feeling calmness inside my body. My sleep has improved and I feel such relief and joy.“

If you are suffering with emetophobia, anxiety, panic attacks or unknown fears, you should not delay treatment because each panic attack becomes a cumulative trigger. You can totally be free from panic attacks and gain huge value from receiving an assessment from an experienced anxiety relief-therapist.

Suzi Tyler has 18 years experience with panic attack anxiety disorders, and has refined methods that can fast track your freedom. After a free initial consultation, she will be able to assess your personal requirement. Suzi mostly works via Zoom, but you can also see Suzi in person at her seaside practice in Kent (Birchington-on-Sea).

Get in touch with for your free assessment.

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