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Sickness Phobia - emetophobia

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Sickness phobia is a fear of sick, seeing sick, watching other people being sick, or feeling sick. Like all phobias, emetophobia usually starts in childhood or adolescence and continues into adulthood.

Cure: While there are no definitive cures for panic disorder or emetophobia for every person, there are effective treatments that can address the underlying cause and remove the triggers. It is important to remember that everyone is different, so what works for one person, may not work for another. Suzi uses an intuitive selection of techniques to address sickness phobia: EFT Matrix Reimprinting, NLP Reframing, EMDR Therapy, CBT Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Client case: Jill remembers, fear and anxiety had always been a problem for her. She recalled feeling panicked on her first day of school. She remembered other times feeling afraid in the the huge assembly hall with all the children around her, feeling hot and dizzy. But I she couldn't leave because she wasn't allowed to leave, so she felt trapped (which is traumatic) and she pushed down her emotions to get through.

Another time she remembers feeling unwell in the classroom and physically being sick. She felt so embarrassed because she felt everyone watching her. Ever since then she feared being sick.

What Jill experienced as a child, created the foundation for her future sickness phobia - emetophobia.

beautiful girl of 10
Young minds absorb everything in their environment

When Jill was 19, she was taken to a restaurant with her family for her birthday and suffered a huge panic attack. From that moment on, she feared going to restaurants and kept herself away from social interactions as much as possible. Often one phobia can create another, such as fearing go out in crowds or social occasions.

This is a real case history of one of Suzi’s clients. These panic feelings evolved into what is labelled Emetophobia - sickness phobia, an extreme fear of vomiting and feeling sick.

lady living with freedom from phobias
Freedom from Phobias

"I sought therapy with Suzi to find relief from the churning and spinning of my stomach and to deal with the current stress that I was under. Having recently lost my dad and now caring for my mother, my stomach was churning and I felt sick at the thought of going to a restaurant."

Suzi created a program to remove some of her biggest fear triggers, used NLP-Hypnotherapy reframing skills for her mindset, provided a personalised hypnosis MP3 to calm the stress in her gut and to enjoy better quality sleep. Jill is now able to go to restaurants, take holidays and do normal activities with new found freedom from her sickness phobia.

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