• Suzi Tyler

Never Regret your Decisions

Every mistake you make can ultimately make you smarter and stronger. Never regret your decisions because regret feeds frustration and impatience, which eventually leads to you stop believing in yourself and in a brighter future. All the love and playfulness that makes life joyful becomes disconnected and can over time spiral out of control into frustration, addictions, self hatred, depression, lost opportunities and compound ever more regrets.

Some individuals really struggle with a habit of holding onto past regrets. When a part of them refuses to let go of a grudge or resentment, this problem is called a 'parts conflict'. The part that refuses to let go has the potential to fuel depression, anxiety, frustration, stress and negative relationships. When regrets are not processed and let go of, they fester in the body as negative stuck energy.

Negative energy ultimately contributes to disharmony of the spirit, weakened immune system and dis-ease. When you regret your decisions and cannot let them go, you keep your energy stuck in the past.

When you regret, you shrink your potential for love, joy and freedom to feel connected to a positive future.

When you invest your energy in a negative past, you begin to create chemical boundaries that block your awareness, gratitude and thankfulness, further blocking that perfect state of receiving blessings that would otherwise reach an open mind and heart.

The suffering that holding onto regrets cause, continues to make you feel disconnected and weaker.

Suzi Tyler offers help to clear regrets energetically, emotionally and spiritually, replacing negative thought patterns, to leave you free to create a life you enjoy.

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