How to free yourself from anxieties with these 5 easy steps

Becoming aware of your early triggers is going to be the most helpful because you will be able to use a pivoting process that changes how you feel. We can never control the very first negative thought or feeling we have, but we can most definite change and control what we do next.

1. Count back 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Technique. Now immediately immerse yourself in a powerful, positive, uplifting imagery using all your senses, sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. Many coaches use powerful imagery to immerse your imagination and focus into a beautiful, loving, safe space.

2. EFT practitioners use the tapping sequence to move energy and calm the amygdalas in the brain. The adrenal tapping points are located just under where a man ties his bow tie. 1" under and 1" either side of the collar bone. Simply tap with your finger tips all around this area and you will soon be able to feel a deep releasing breath.

3. Relaxation Breathing is always a favourite. Breathe calmly out for a longer count as this signals the body to rest and relax. So breathe in for 4, pause for 4, breathe out for 10 and repeat.

4. NLP Practitioners use a Resource Anchor and unwind negative patterns.

If you wake up with anxiety, you will require a different process to release it as it will have already gained momentum. It is entirely possible to clear most anxiety and panic triggers using a combined approach of hypnotherapy, NLP and energy work. I haven't come across anyone who hasn't responded well to treatment. This is your life, to really engage with each fresh, new day. It is so sad that people carry the burden of yesterday into tomorrow and pollute their vibrant energy in this way.

Anxiety is a thief of happiness - I witnessed my mum suffer with anxiety for most of my life before I had the skills to take it away. Anxiety is always related to a past pattern and that pattern needs updating. Patterns are stored in the subconscious, so it really is essential to work with this aspect of our mind.

5. I recommend keeping a journal initially to identify common triggers that may seem unrelated including dietary habits, coffee or alcohol consumption, quality of sleep, specific concerns, unresolved fears and suppressed emotions. Notice how you talk to yourself. Tune into your intuition and ask yourself the question, "what would it take for me to be completely and totally calm, confident and comfortable?" LISTEN...

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