How do I let go of emotional clutter and common blocks?

Decluttering to release common blocks and emotional clutter.

How do I let go of the past?

The process of decluttering common blocks can help open our capacity for loving compassion, courage and creativity. Emotional freedom occurs when our subtle energies are free flowing, clear and connected to higher frequencies of pure love, peace and purpose.

1. Firstly recognise, in which area you are blocking yourself? Happiness and joy; self-love and self-care; self-acceptance or forgiveness? Perhaps you have already become aware of a tightness or tension in some area of your body?

2. Do you feel stressful discarding things, guilty or fearful? Rate stress out of 10 (10 high stress).

3. Ask yourself, if there was a reason, a role, a function for holding onto the emotional block or clutter, what would it be? Is the reason worth sacrificing your vibrant, radiant energy for?

4. Ask yourself ’what would it take for me to feel totally and completely safe to release ‘emotional block‘ or ‘clutter’?

Listen, acknowledge and implement.

5. Explore your purpose by identifying your values, what is most important to you and why?

6. Clarify your goals and commit to what brings you joy and fulfilment.

I hope that this article points you in a positive direction of emotional freedom, lightness and love.

Wishing you a fascinating journey whilst travelling light 💡 Suzi💫