Health Anxiety

Health Anxiety: Do you lie awake at night worried about whether you’ll catch COVID-19, or some other health concern? Do you scan your body for symptoms and imagine the worst? If you do, then it is likely that you have developed a health anxiety. This is an incredibly common problem made worse with all the recent focus on Covid fears.

The moment your anxiety turns into a problem that causes you and/or your loved ones suffering, you should not delay treatment because health anxiety is a simple thing to treat, but rarely improves on its own.

You can totally be free from a health anxiety disorder and gain huge value from receiving an assessment from an experienced anxiety relief-therapist.

Suzi Tyler has 18 years experience with health anxiety disorders, and has refined methods that can fast track your freedom. After a free initial consultation, she will be able to assess your personal requirement. Suzi mostly works via Zoom, but you can also see Suzi in person at her seaside practice in Kent (Birchington-on-Sea).

Get in touch with for your free assessment.

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