3 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved, by Suzi Tyler

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

What is self-love?

Self-love is something you feel when you feel loved and accepted unconditionally. You feel lovable and worthy of love and happiness. You know how to take care of yourself and meet your own needs so that you feel balanced.

You know that you are not loving yourself when you get angry with self and sabotaging. Feeling anger and frustration with self is signalling a call for change.

Self-love means being able to feel totally and completely worthy of love. Clearing old hurts, grievances, regrets and disappointments that fuel self-doubt, is an essential self-development investment that will significantly power your progress.

When you can value your best intentions, gifts, talents, ideas, feelings and everything that makes you uniquely you, you will feel joyful and free.

  1. Self talk

How you talk with yourself has a powerful impact regarding how you feel about yourself and express your truest feelings. If you say harsh hurtful things about your appearance or repeatedly put yourself down, you harm your ability to be brave and confident. When you are inconsistent, procrastinate or self harm, in the long run it damages your ability to trust and love yourself. For you to trust in your future, you must first develop trust and truth inside.

If you have the willingness to make a clear commitment to change, you have the ability to transform your heart into pure love and live true to you highest, most joyful confidence.

2. Do you have low frustration tolerance?

When it comes to day to day living, how many times do you over react to situations? If it is reacting to your partner, X, child, mum, email or driver, it is often because you don't realise how most of your actions are on autopilot.

It is now possible to interrupt automatic patterns consciously. Hypnosis and NLP uses great tools to update negative patterns and replace them something better.

3. Self awareness is an essential skill

Becoming aware of your thoughts allows you to discover hidden patterns that keep repeating over and over, influencing your life positively or negatively. Most humans have a negative bias that has evolved in order to keep us safe. Our mind remembers negative things more than positive things. It is however, entirely possible to retrain the mind to look forward towards all the many opportunities, all the many blessings and all the many positives.

In summary, self love is possibly the most valuable gift 🎁 you can give yourself for you to be fully free to explore life's journey authentically, imperfectly, unashamedly, joyfully, playfully and passionately.

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