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FERTILITY2BIRTH Certified Practitioner. Learn powerful stress relief states that feel empowering. Hypnobirthing is a refreshing alternative to experience a joyful anticipation of birth and parenting. Science has revealed that fearful, anxious feelings that activate the stress response can slow or even pause labour.

SUZI’s Hypnobirthing Program teaches you how to deeply relax, addressing any anxiety and fears about the birth. It does not mean no medical interventions, instead it supports you to best prepare for your new arrival, learning how to feel calm and confident with self hypnosis techniques and MP3 recordings.  You can explore all the different options of how you wish to give birth and clarify what is actually available in your area.

Suzi will work with you to prepare you for a truly magical time to deeply value and appreciate.  

1.  Is the course just for Mum?  The Hypnobirthing Course is designed for the birthing Mum and her birth partner.  Often the birth partner is the father of the baby but many have a friend, parent or doula.  Certain parts of the course require practice at home.  This practice creates intimate time between you as a couple and many clients feel that this enables your birthing partner to become a central part of the birthing process, helping you to stay calm and focused.  Imagine how close they can feel to you and the baby being an active part of the birthing process.
2.  Who should do the HypnoBirth course?  EVERYONE.  We cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from taking the HypnoBirth course.  It is educational, informative, empowering, enjoyable and achieves great results.  Each course will be tailored to suit each individual.  It is a tried and tested certified training with over ten years of experience.
3.  Will this course help relieve anxiety?  Definitely.  Hypnobirthing re-establishes the body-mind connection by teaching you how to master your fears and physical pain.  Everyone achieves great results.
4. How will Suzi’s program help me?  Science has found that stressful, fearful, anxious feelings activate the stress hormones that actually slow or even pause labour. The program was written by a hypnotherapist, staff from busy maternity units, an experienced midwife and a surgeon’s assistant. The Fertility2Birth training is updated and refined every year with new science.   It is therefore of HUGE value to pregnant couples.  You will have the Powerful skill of self-hypnosis when giving birth to enjoy calm, confident and in control feelings. Hypnosis also helps with pain relief and a quicker delivery.   “Women with severe fear of childbirth experienced significantly more labour pain than women without severe fear of childbirth” (Junge, 2018).
Hypnobirthing combines well with NLP Life Skills to enhance and improve every area of your life: self empowerment, healthy habits, relationship happiness, deeper connection with partner, inner calm, self confidence.
5.  Could you Summarise the Benefits for me?  Suzi’s Hypno-birthing course is about preparing for your baby in the best way possible as an individual or with your birthing partner. It gives the birthing partner an incredible role that can deepen your love and connection. Some take the course because they would prefer the least amount of medical intervention.  Many couples want to be as prepared as possible.  The majority of couples that do the course have births requiring no medical intervention and pain relief, however some have had a little intervention.  In these cases the couples have said they are so glad they did the course as it allowed them to remain calm, relaxed and in control whilst there was a lot of drama going on around them.
6. How can Fertility2Birth Hypnobirthing Course help me?  The Suzi’s HypnoBirthing course IS SO MUCH MORE THAN pain reduction.  This course will prepare you to enjoy and value being a mum.

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