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You’ll learn how to release fears and anxieties you may currently have about giving birth, and how to overcome previous traumatic births.

FERTILITY2BIRTH Hypnobirthing is a refreshing way of managing your emotions and pain so that you a free to experience the joy and magic of birth – rather than the horrific ordeal everyone seems hell-bent on telling you about. 

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to put YOURSELF back in control of your birth – rather than blindly turning your birthing experience over to your doctor or midwife. 

Hypnobirthing doesn’t mean you’ll be in a trance or a sleep, rather you’ll be able to chat and be in good spirits – totally relaxed, but fully in control.  You will always be aware of what is happening to you and around you.  Just imagine welcoming each surge! Feeling peaceful…relaxing…and even smiling as your baby comes closer to you! 

Can you imagine creating a truly magical time to deeply value and appreciate.  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS   1.  Is the course just for Mum?  The Hypnobirthing Course is designed for the birthing Mum and her birth partner.  Often the birth partner is the father of the baby but many have a friend, parent or doula.  Certain parts of the course require practice at home.  This practice creates intimate time between you as a couple and many clients feel that this enables your birthing partner to become a central part of the birthing process, helping you to stay calm and focused.  Imagine how close they can feel to you and the baby being an active part of the birthing process.   2.  Who should do the HypnoBirth course?  EVERYONE.  We cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from taking the HypnoBirth course.  It is educational, informative, empowering, enjoyable and achieves great results.  Each course will be tailored to suit each individual.  It is a tried and tested certified training with over ten years of experience.  Suzi’s style of hypnobirthing is an approach that blends well with NLP life skills, helping to create calm, happy feelings.   3.  Will this course help anxiety sufferers?   Definitely.  Anxiety is a habit of thinking and feeling fearful thoughts.  Hypnobirthing re-establishes the body-mind connection by teaching you how to manage fear and physical pain.  Everyone achieves great results.   4. I don’t understand how it will help me?  Firstly, you will gain a vast amount of medical birthing knowledge from the course.  The programme was written by a hypnotherapist, staff from busy maternity units, a small part by a midwife and the rest a surgeon’s assistant. The Fertility2Birth training is updated and refined every year with new science.   It is therefore important information that all pregnant couples should be told but are often not.  Secondly the course will teach you how to relax using hypnosis  This does not mean you will have to be in a state of hypnosis when giving birth, but it means you will be able to remain calm, resulting in a quicker delivery.   “Women with severe fear of childbirth experienced significantly more labour pain than women without severe fear of childbirth” (Junge, 2018).    Hypnobirthing combines well with NLP Life Skills to enhance and improve every area of your life: self empowerment, healthy habits, relationship happiness, deeper connection with partner, inner calm, self confidence.   5.  What if it doesn’t work, will I have wasted my money?  The HypnoBirth course is about being informed, in control and preparing for your baby in the best way possible.  Many clients choose to take the course because they do not want to take pain relief drugs, or they do not want medical intervention.  However many couples just want to be as prepared as possible.  The majority of couples that do the course have births requiring no medical intervention and pain relief, however some have had a little intervention.  In these cases the couples have said they are so glad they did the course as it allowed them to remain calm, relaxed and in control whilst there was a lot of drama going on around them.   6. How can Fertility2Birth Hypnobirthing Course work for me?  The HypnoBirth course is as much about birth preparation – containing a huge amount of medical knowledge – as it is about pain reduction.  Treat it like you would an antenatal course, but know that this course is in a comfortable environment, with personal care, so you can ask any questions you want without feeling silly.  We find that many clients ask questions that they didn’t feel comfortable asking in the less intimate environment of other antenatal classes.   MESSAGE SUZI FOR YOUR FREE VIDEO DISCOVERY   +44(0)7836 635233