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EVEN THOUGH THE WORLD IS IN CRISIS and some of us are in lockdown, no one can remove our creativity to explore fresh & new opportunities that feel fun!

Here is an opportunity to create some brand new routines and improvements that you may have been too locked into your previous routines to get around to.  I hope to keep these changes going POST pandemic isolation.

Here are a few of my improvements to hopefully inspire your own:

1. Morning yoga with interval training.  Just 20 mins rain or shine in my lounge.  In January I set myself a challenge of daily core fitness yoga (Yoga Burn) – 5 months later I am so grateful to myself for staying with it – My abs and core are toned and strong.  It has now become an essential part of my lifestyle.

2. Pre-lunch meditation.  At 11.45am my alarm reminds me to get prepared.  I usually start at 12.15pm and meditate until 12.30pm. It has become a life saver in so many surprising ways.  I now really look forward to this rejuvenating and enlightening experience.

3. This year I have taken full advantage of the creative freedom to grow anything I want because I am going nowhere soon.  I can therefore care, feed and water my plant babies.  So lots of veggies and flowers are on their way.

4. To help keep myself safe, I eat more immune boosting ingredients. I make sure to include fresh garlic, ginger and turmeric every day.  My Vitamin D levels are boosted as we have had plenty of sunshine, it is essential for respiratory health.

5. REWARD YOURSELF – Set up some rewards for accomplishing a new routine, such as saving your favourite coffee until after your morning workout.

6. Begin a Gratitude jar.  I purchased a beautiful rose gold jar for my son’s birthday in January.  Coincidentally he had just begun a routine of writing gratitudes on his phone.  Simply – Jot down daily gratitudes.  When you are having a down day, or even just in the mood – open the jar and allow your gratitudes to joyfully inspire you.

7. ACCOUNTABILITY  Pull in friends or a Coach for support because it has been measurably proven to IMPROVE RESULTS. I hold my hands up – 🖖 well hand… if it wasn’t for the joint commitment of my husband who is sharing lockdown/social isolation with me – I might have wavered with my exercise and meditation routine.  BUT NOW – these routines are firmly in place and etched into my default patterns for life!  Yes LiFe!

If you are looking for some accountability coaching and 1-1 encouragement to fulfil your lifestyle health & fitness goals – give me a call to clarify your next best move.  You’ll also find out how we can work together if it is a fit so you can make your dreams come true in the process.

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By Suzi Tyler

Rapid Hypnotherapy & Breakthrough Coaching. Specialisms: Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Confidence & Self-esteem.
I love the sea, nature, exercise, adventure travel, delicious meals, sunshine and dancing.