It is important to give yourself as long as it takes to let the tears fall. The hard fact remains that all of us who lose someone dear, discover that in the end, buckets of tears won’t bring our loved one back.  There is no miracle undoing, no right or wrongs, except perhaps to escape into alcohol/drugs BUT they DEFINITELY make things even worse in the end.  

Death is something we all have to face.  We can either let it destroy our inner peace by worrying about it, OR we can come to terms with the simple fact that everyone is going to die sooner or later. Sometimes death can be the catalyst for Spiritual Awakening.  The plain and simple fact is that we cannot bring someone physically back, but we can find ways to speak and hear any words left unspoken and even have questions unanswered – answered.

Be patient with yourself…the pain can ease and even pass, but not for everyone.  Just as you cannot rush the grieving process, you cannot predict how grief might affect anyone.  It has its own momentum and you will know when the time is right for you to process your feelings.  

So how can you cope with the pain of loss?  Strange as it sounds – by not resisting your feelings.  Death has the potential to make you love more deeply and create stronger connections than ever before.  Death can also be a pivotal moment that can plummet you into despair, BUT it can also teach you to live and value every second and understand how precious life is.

It may sound too simplistic to say keep busy, but the reality is the more time you spend on reflecting upon your loss, the more all consuming it gets. If you can get to the point of finding something meaningful to occupy you, it can give your tormented mind a respite.

I personally have found EFT Matrix Reimprinting to be a magnificent helping friend, especially if there is trauma present.   The technique is sensitive to your experience and can help facilitate a healing acceptance and inner peace.  If you have suffered a loss and are looking for some help get in touch.  

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