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How to Improve Your Confidence

How to CREATE, IMPROVE and ENJOY Greater Confidence

What do YOU want to experience, create, improve, remove or change?  Getting to know who you are, what is most important to you will improve your focus, productivity and overall confidence.

1. Create a Peak Performance Morning Ritual that will jump start your day powerfully positive.

2. Make time to learn and grow mentally and physically fit.

3. Clarify what is important to you and why.  Clarifying your ‘WHYS’ is a necessary step to discovering what motivates you.

4. Set EASY goals and STRETCH goals that align with your greater vision and motivators.

5. Create a system of positive rewards for any progress and  achievement.

6. Now that you are clear about what excites and motivates you, you can explore and acquire the necessary skills to move forward positively.

7. Clarify your strengths and weaknesses.  Accept whatever you cannot change and create a plan to improve what you can.

8. Sometimes it is necessary to make sacrifices short term to secure longer term success.

9. When you are thinking, acting and feeling in line with your highest values, you will be living your TRUTH and will therefore NATURALLY FEEL Greater Confidence.

So in summary, clarify what YOU want to experience, create, improve, remove or change. Create a plan and make it happen! Confidence comes with taking action. Enjoy!