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Are you addicted to stress or sugar?

Sugar and spice might create little girls that are nice, but sugar and stress creates distress in the form of weight gain.  

Are you addicted to stress or sugar?  Sugar is added to so many foods that you may have been consuming more than you realised.  In addition, for many stress has become a ‘normal’ state which contributes to extra sugar being dumped into the blood stream and converted back into fat around the middle.

Stress and sugar levels are in a state of constant rebalancing.  Too much of any results in hormone imbalance – cravings – more weight gain (especially round the middle) and more stress!

How can stress spike sugar levels in the blood? ~  Feeling pressured or overwhelmed would do it.  Sleep deprivation is another serious stress affecting most parents!    Stress linked to  work pressures, not enough time, dissatisfaction with self,  body image, money worries, comparing self to others, feelings of ‘not enough’, unhappiness, anger,  frustration, guilt, blame….  consider now, what are your current stressors?

Rate yourself out of 10, with 10 feeling very stressed and 0 feeling neutral – how stressed have you felt over the last month?
Anything over 5 is too high.  Can you find one thing to relax that doesn’t contain sugar?

Do you have  fat around your middle but don’t know why?
This is another symptom of stress and food sensitivity, often caused by eating whilst stressed.  Stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline spike sugar levels and increase sugar sensitivity.  An explosive argument can be an approximate equivalent of about 5 bars of chocolate.

Stress – Sugar Sensitivity – Weight gain ~   The resulting crash in sugar causes sugar cravings, having you reach for the chocolate, carbs, sweets…

What can you do?  Suzi’s Natural Weight Loss programme tackles all the above.  Get in touch to find out if hypnosis is suitable for YOU?

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