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Spiritual Awakening 1999

I first met Sally when my youngest son was just one. Both Sally and I were married with two kind natured children living in a beautiful home with our dream gardens by the sea. We met at a toddler group and before long, we were sharing our lives, family outings and beach hut bbqs at my local beach at Minnis Bay. I loved Sally’s fun, adventurous spirit, we began horse riding lessons together, progressing to beach hacks and eventually a cross country holiday together. I believed I would grow old and grey with Sally, we were a great friendship team.

Several years into our friendship, I began an Open University home learning degree in Psychology. I acknowledge that I felt pressured with daily studying schedules and monthly modules to complete. My mum was also beating a path to my door and she would suddenly appear and stay for a week at a time. I didn’t want to deny her this freedom as I felt it was her greatest joy. One evening I received a call from Sally’s husband asking if I knew where she was? I replied: “No, Is she outside, or have you checked to see if she has taken her handbag, perhaps she has popped out?” Little did I know… life as I had understood life, would never be the same again.

Sally was found in the garage of her home by her 11 year old son – hanging. Her Consultant husband cut her down and attempted resuscitation. Sally remained in hospital in a coma…the scan revealed brain damage and after one week, her life support machine was switched off.

When someone takes their own life, no matter how hard you attempt to rationalise the tragedy, unless you have suffered a personal experience of depression, you are left with a guilt and despair that ‘if only you had known’. You are left with the aching question ‘could you have prevented it’, and if you couldn’t have prevented it, what does that mean about you? Were you a good enough friend, partner or parent, no matter what your relationship, friends far and wide ALL feel a painful helpless grief. The sufferer is desperate for the pain to be gone.

EARLY YEARS Our parents are our biggest role models in the sense that we mimic patterns of thinking from each parent. These are not the only influencers. Our minds are like sponges and we learn with repetition, mindsets form into a set of unconscious patterns that guide our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

SELF WORTH – We learn how to value ourselves through our environmental conditioning. As an infant I was exposed to a powerful, life enhancing feeling of being wanted and deeply loved. I am forever grateful for this love – it is priceless, it is gold, it is the greatest gift a parent can bestow. Surprisingly, even with this depth of love, few of us escape picking up a few disapprovals, from school, friends, who-knows-where, that continue to make us feel insecure about our goodness, self worth, self acceptance and love. We start to form an inner critic that says we are not good enough, smart enough, rich enough, beautiful enough, selfless enough, deserving or worthy enough…and the list expands…

That is why a lifelong commitment to personal growth and learning is so valuable, life affirming, authentically freeing and returns us simply and elegantly back to LOVE.

As we challenge our potential with fresh adventures, exploring our potential, personal and professional fulfilment, relationship happiness, self worth mastery and self discovery is rewarded with higher states of joyful confidence and bliss.


Suzi enjoyed roles in advertising, travel and the BBC, before discovering the fascinating world of Hypnotherapy; NLP; training as a Personal Life Coach with honours through Coaching & Mentoring International, Coaching Academy and Christopher Howard Technologies. Suzi is a Master Trainer in NLP (Neurolinguistic Reprogramming), Neurological Repatterning, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Rapid Hypnotherapy, Theta Hypnosis Techniques and Performance Consulting. BIH & CNHC Registered.


Suzi enjoys daily yoga, fresh coffee, chocolate, dancing, 2 cheeky beagle seaside walks, cycling adventures, seaside garden, growing her own vegetables, experimental cuisine, simplicity and nature.

Passion for Helping People

Suzi provides Rapid Hypnotherapy and Breakthrough Coaching at her home practice in Birchington-on-Sea and Video Sessions, receiving both private and GP referrals.  You can get in touch with Suzi for a FREE discovery session by calling: +44(0)7836635233

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