About Suzi

Suzi Tyler, Dip Hyp,

I am enthusiastic, nurturing and compassionate.

IT is my belief that each of us has a unique potential for joy, strength, resilience, resourcefulness, intelligence and inner wisdom that can be nurtured and set free. I have experienced a wealth of insights through my client’s personal breakthroughs as well as my own. Sometimes we just have to be pointed in the right direction to discover how and where to access our innate gifts and potential.

EARLY YEARS My parents were my biggest role models in the sense that I adopted certain ways of thinking from each parent. A lot of our beliefs are downloaded when we are under six. Our minds are like sponges and with repetition, beliefs strengthen to become our default mindset. I could discern at a young age characteristics and experiences I liked and those I didn’t.

We evolve and prioritise different things at different stages of our life. At present, my greatest joy and fulfilment is with my clients, dancing, fitness, creative cooking, nature, cycling, beagles & birds, my family of course, grandchildren, my deep connection with loving life and I am still ‘service driven’ to make my own positive difference.


Suzi enjoyed roles in advertising, travel and the BBC, before discovering the fascinating world of Hypnotherapy; NLP; training as a Personal Life Coach with honours through Coaching & Mentoring International, Coaching Academy and Christopher Howard Technologies. Suzi is a Master Trainer in NLP (Neurolinguistic Reprogramming), Neurological Repatterning, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Rapid Hypnotherapy, Theta Hypnosis Techniques and Performance Consulting. BIH & CNHC Registered.

In July 2006, Suzi discovered an amazing technique that could clear emotional trauma and panic attacks through the Psychotherapy & Hypnosis Training Academy and is an experienced Registered Advanced Practitioner with Karl Dawson in EFT MATRIX REIMPRINTING since October 2014.

In September 2019 Suzi achieved a life long goal training with Hypnobirthing. Now Certified as a Fertility2Birth Hypno-Birthing Practitioner.


Suzi lives in Birchington-on-Sea, Kent and is married with adult children at University and young grandchildren.  Suzi enjoys daily yoga, fresh coffee, chocolate, dancing, 2 cheeky beagle seaside walks, cycling adventures, growing herbs and vegetables, creative cuisine, simplicity and nature.

Passion for Helping People

Suzi provides Rapid Hypnotherapy and Breakthrough Coaching at her home practice in Birchington-on-Sea and Video Sessions, receiving both private and GP referrals.  You can get in touch with Suzi for a FREE discovery session by calling: +44(0)7836635233

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