About Suzi

Suzi Tyler

I am enthusiastic, friendly, free spirited and nurturing.

My purpose is to experience everything in life with integrity, joy, love, creativity and compassion.  I am inspired to teach others how to Master their fears, motivate their minds and live their best life.

My health and happiness has not always enjoyed such freedom from difficulties.  At 16 I had my very first Migraine headache, which continued long into my 40s.  In my early 20’s I suffered a spell of Chronic fatigue whilst working long hours as a Departmental Head Lecturer.  My first full-time work was as a secretary in an Advertising Agency in High Holborn, London. The agency’s social life was great fun but, like many companies I worked in, including PA to Joint Managing Directors of Contiki Holidays where I met my husband, it had a drinking culture.  The drinking parties seemed to trigger a Migraine, chronic hangover and skin breakouts! It became such a torment that I had to seek a solution.  Looking back, other causes were probably ‘leaky gut’ food sensitivities (dairy intolerance), not drinking enough water, not enough fresh air, insufficient exercise, incorrect breathing, insufficient sleep, erratic eating habits, poor stress management, self worth issues and inner conflicts. Phew! – not much then!!!

The difficulties I experienced inspired powerful questions.  I SO wanted clear skin, vibrant energy, a strong body and a happy tum!  My weight and health are a direct consequence of my dedication and I coach through walking the talk.

Four years ago my parents passed away aged 82, within 6 months of each other, both suffering with Alzheimers disease.  As you can imagine this triggered not only the grief of losing loved ones, but the natural fear of witnessing closely such a destructive disease.  I now have regular health checks and I’m so grateful – all is well.  My Body mass index is a optimal 19.3 and ‘Metabolic age’ is 44.  Not bad for a nan! Now I’m even more motivated to challenge my health potential into 2020!

Over the years I have studied inspirational thought leader’s and have refined hundreds of books and methodologies into an intuitive approach that facilitates rapid results.  My favourite author is Ekhart Tolle, Spiritual Mindfulness.

Each year I set myself and my clients’ fun challenges for ‘how to live your best life’.  In 2017 I trained with Karl Dawson to gain my Advanced EFT Matrix Re-imprinting.  Using a combined NLP/Hypnotherapy approach with Advanced EFT Matrix, I can now neutralise trauma triggers in seconds.

My Coaching specialisms in 2020

  1. How to Live Your Best Life – Fresh & New: Purpose, Values & Vision
  2. Vibrant Energy Lifestyle, Healthy Weight without dieting; Fitness Mindset & Motivation, Self-esteem
  3. Power Coaching, Confidence, Relationship Happiness

My Therapy Specialisms in 2020

  1. Panic Attacks, Fears & Phobias, PTSD, Compulsions
  2. Hypnotherapy to support Pain-relief, calm, empowered birth
  3. Anxiety-relief, Chronic Stress Recovery & Deep Relaxation Therapy

Early Years

Suzi explored a variety of roles in advertising, travel and the BBC. When her children were 2 and 4, she attended a local college and qualified as a beautician, but then developed a favourite hobby into a part time career with Kitchen Garden Design and Growing for Health.

Suzi began studying philosophy and psychology as a young girl aged eight, inspiring further education in social science, psychology and child development, before discovering the fascinating World of Human Potential, Hypnotherapy, Wellness Coaching and NLP, training with honours through Coaching & Mentoring International, Coaching Academy and Christopher Howard Technologies. Suzi is a Master Trainer in NLP (Neurolinguistic Reprogramming), Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, Rapid Hypnotherapy Techniques and Performance Consulting. BIH & CNHC Registered.

In July 2006, Suzi discovered an amazing technique that could clear emotional stress with EFT (tapping) through the Psychotherapy & Hypnosis Training Academy and completed advanced training in EFT Matrix Reimprinting with Karl Dawson in October 2014.

In September 2019 Suzi Certified as a Fertility2Birth Hypno-Birthing Practitioner.


Suzi lives in Birchington-on-Sea, Kent and is married with adult children at University and young grandchildren.  Suzi enjoys sparkling health, numerous dancing styles: Salsa, West Coast Swing & Argentine Tango & Expressive Blues; daily yoga, creative cuisine; and last but not least, cycling, adventure and dancing holidays.

Passion for Helping People

Suzi provides breakthroughs sessions, hypnotherapy and coaching packages at her home practice in Birchington-on-Sea and Video on-line.  If you live near Central London Suzi can see you at her Harley Street Practice near Oxford Circus, receiving both private and GP referrals.  You can get in touch with Suzi for a FREE discovery session by texting or calling: +44(0)7836635233