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5 Quick Tips to Improve Energy & Focus

5 Quick Tips to Create a Vibrant Energy Lifestyle

1. Make peace with every aspect of your life, past, present, future and lighten up on ‘your identiy’.

2. Give all your attention to NOW! To help you, tune into your breathing throughout the day. Breathe in for four, hold for four and breath out for four. This will oxygenate your blood and your brain!

3. Eat protein with every meal, including snacks to regulate your blood sugar levels and energy throughout the day.

4. You could have a drink containing caffeine. Tea contains the amino acid theanine which improves attention and alertness. Green tea contains caffeine and antioxidants that speed up your metabolism as well. Coffee contains 100-140 mg of caffeine, so go easy on it if you don’t want to overtax your adrenals and worsten fatigue. Avoid if you suffer with anxiety, panic or sleep disturbances as caffeine can sometimes make these conditions worst.

5. Quality sleep will depend on your habits and lifestyle. Making sure you declutter your mind before bedtime is a great way to enjoy a quality night sleep. Making a list of tasks that you want to complete, will help you to focus throughout the day.