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7 Steps to Stop Procrastination


1. How to motivate yourself.   Finding out how to motivate yourself to get things achieved is a powerful resource worth a little discovery time.  If time is our greatest resource, it can be well worth the investment in discovering what brings out the best in you.  

2. Create a plan of things you wish to achieve.  “He/she who doesn’t plan, plans to fail.” Make a plan of the kind of habits that you really prefer.

3. Break down big projects and tasks into smaller manageable steps. Be realistic and flexible. 

4.  Encourage yourself do what you least want to do – FIRST.  Don’t wait for ‘the perfect time’ simply start. This is a Success Mastery Skill informed from the latest research studies (2018) – High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. 

5. Motivation comes from action and helpful habits make life a whole lot easier.  Every action or non-action you take becomes stronger.  Learn mindfulness to become more aware of your patterns.

6. Imagine completing tasks and goals with an associated great feeling of reward and achievement.  We are hard wired to move towards pleasure so make ‘achievement’ its own reward and don’t forget to be your own best encourager.  Value and appreciate your efforts and this will strengthen feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.  

7.   Is fear limiting you?  According to UC Berkeley professor Martin Covington, fear of failure is directly linked to our self-worth. The limiting belief assumption is that failing to perform means we are not worthy.  If a person has repeated failures then this compounds the feeling of low self worth.  Rather than risking making a mistake or failing with the associated fear, we make ourselves stay stuck.  “If fear is keeping you stuck, get in touch.”

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3 Blocks Holding You Back



Sometimes the daily grind can blind us to what is most important to us.  Self-doubt, feeling lost, conflicted and dissatisfied are common habits to fall into.

1. IDENTITY  Make it a priority to get clear, who are you becoming? Motivation grows from taking daily actions. Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others.  Make each moment count!

2. EMOTIONS  We all grow up with EMOTIONAL blocks.  e.g. regrets, grievances, guilt, shame, disappointments.  Why remove them?  Because they are draining your energy, slowing you down and distracting your focus.   On my journey I found I was carrying limiting beliefs, disappointments, disapprovals, guilts and rejection, which not only stress our nervous system and zap our energy; they validate our fears.  Through contrast, I can genuinely appreciate the value of having vital tools that deal with challenges, setbacks and life’s adversity.

3. LIMITING BELIEFS act like Gremlins in the software of our minds.  Beliefs are filters which delete, distort and generalise ‘the Truth’.  POSITIVE BELIEFS act like Super Powers.  With a willingness, it is now possible to update many ‘gremlin’ beliefs.

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