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How to Get Faster Results

3 Ways to Speed up your Success    Accomplish what would normally take weeks, months or even years to achieve. 

Your beliefs are 20 times more powerful than your emotions to effect change, therefore, when you replace old negative beliefs that might have been around since childhood, your life can change for the better.

  1.  Detox Negative Habits:  When you clean your house, car, or declutter your environment, have you ever noticed a sudden boost of energy becomes available to you?  It is the same with your health and life. Clearing clutter in the form of toxic habits, hidden conflicts, emotional stress triggers and sabotaging behaviour will reward you with the freedom to choose.  The primary clearing technique I use is EFT Matrix Re-imprinting with Hypnosis and NLP.  This can clear anxiety triggers and update your mind with new empowering, positive beliefs that unlock your potential.  If you long to move forward with more positivity and optimism, to develop a life you love with a sense of achievement and satisfaction – discover how to neutralise and release any blocks in your way.
  2. Make space for something new.  Now that you have made space for something new, it is vital to clarify a fun/fulfilling direction.   How you want to feel, what is most important to you, what lights you up?  
  3. How to Manage Your Chimp:  Discover how to use a simplified ‘Chimp Management Model’ with NLP to understand and manage emotional impulses such as anger outbursts, anxiety, disappointments and relationship issues.

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Mindfulness Meditation

2015-06-02 21.43.48Learn Mindfulness Meditation at my Home Practice in Birchington-on-Sea.  You will learn a powerful hypnotic short-cut to slow your brainwaves in readiness for meditation.

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  • Learn how to use mindfulness
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Discover which style of meditation suits you
  • Unlock your Potential for healing, creativity, confidence and inspiration.

“Learn how to relax your mind with simple short cuts that slow your brainwaves.”

Bonus: Free guided meditation

Look and feel more attractive  You will discover that meditation is not just for health, all those happy ‘hormones’ will help you to ooze a calm self-confidence that feels amazing too!

If you are new to meditation you might find it enjoyable to start with guided meditations.  You can request a free meditation to sample to help you sleep, feel more confident, or help to ease pain.

Each meditation contains leading edge transformational technologies.”  Suzi

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How to Get Faster Results

3 Ways to Speed up your Success    Accomplish what would normally take weeks, months or even years to achieve.  Your beliefs …

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