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Panic attack help

Panic attack help

Rapid relief from Anxiety/Panic Symptoms

Q.  How long will it take to be cured of panic attacks?  A.  Everyone is unique, but typically 3-6 sessions.   It depends on many factors such as:  1. Early life experiences.  2. Age of very first panic attack.  3. How symptoms have been managed.  4. Support network.  5. Attitude to life.  6.  A willingness, desire and commitment to succeed.

My specialism is curing panic attacks by using a powerful technique that neutralises trauma.  If you have more than one panic attack trauma, it will be helpful to neutralise the core culprits so that you do not get a fear spike overwhelm you.  The symptoms are caused by any associated sensory trigger, activating the stress response.

A personalised approach is required for each individual.  I give you a clear evaluation on your first session.  If your panic attack is caused by multiple aspects, they WILL require neutralising.

I practice in Birchington, Whitstable, Witherdenshall Retreat, Wingham, Kent and Harley Street,London W1, Facetime or Video Skype.

Get in touch with Suzi  +44(0)7836 635233 to have a confidential chat.

You can email: suzi@rapid-health.co.uk with any questions.

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Freedom from Panic Attacks

Panic Attack Triggers

The trouble with panic is that it comes on so fast.  It can make you weak when you want to be strong, scared when you want to be calm, muddled when you want to be clear.  Panic triggers can be anything associated with a sudden shock or trauma.

Panic attack emotions can develop rapidly.

The symptoms of panic can be terrifying and embarrassing.  Shaking, heart pounding, tightness, shortness of breath and even fainting.  It isn’t any wonder the mind looses perspective and flips out.  The truth is the ‘fear’ response is a natural reaction to keep you safe.

If you are ready to unlock your potential freedom from unpleasant symptoms of fear, get in touch now.


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