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Top 10 Fears that Block your Potential

Unlock Your Potential 

Anxiety is a fear based habit that blocks your potential.  If you long for a calm, confident mindset you will want to make peace with any or all of the following (in no specific order):

Top 10 Fears that block success

  1.  Health anxiety (fear of death/pain/immobility).
  2.  Fear of failure, making a serious mistake.
  3.  Fearing loss or rejection.
  4.  Fearing embarrassment, looking or feeling stupid.
  5.  Fearing being judged with dislike or disapproval.
  6.  Fearing not being enough, lovable or deserving.
  7.  Fearing being different and being found out.
  8.  Fearing disappointment.
  9.  Fear of the unknown, uncertainty.
  10.  Fearing being out of control.

Everyone can create new habits that support them.   Anxiety is a destructive habit that becomes a vicious cycle,  but luckily habits can be changed.  Everyone can choose an open mind with fresh perspectives that inspire confident, calm success.

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Are you coping with grief?

Are you struggling to cope with a stressful relationship breakup or death of a loved one?

Losing someone or something you love is very painful. After a significant loss, you may experience all kinds of difficult and surprising emotions, such as shock, anger and guilt.  Sometimes it may feel like the sadness will never let up. As you deal with your loss, remember that  it’s important to be patient with yourself and allow the pain to pass.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice – your loved one would never want you to suffer.  We can get so locked into grieving and depression that it is easy to forget those who are living.

Loss is a personal trauma that can feel overwhelming.  It is helpful to allow your feelings to be whatever they are,  to just accept any emotions of guilt, anger, blame, regret and sorrow.

We begin the desparate road of asking non answerable questions, looking for all that we personally could have done differently. What others could or could not have done.  Prolonged emotional pain can change brain chemistry that leads to depression and isolation.  It is useful to distract yourself to keep your spirits up, but sooner or later you will benefit from getting making peace with your loss in whatever way helps you.

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Coping with a Breakup, Separation or Divorce

It’s never easy when a marriage or other significant relationship ends. The breakup of a long-term, committed relationship can turn your whole world upside down and trigger all sorts of painful and unsettling feelings. It is a difficult time to get through. Even in the midst of the sadness and stress of a breakup, you have an opportunity to learn from the experience to grow stronger.

Grief and Loss

I have recently lost two parents within 6 months of each other.  Losing a loved one is never easy, but it can be less painful to remember that if you are grieving the death of a loved one, their qualities and love can live  on through your heart.  You can continue to love them in their absence which will allow you to go from grief to peace.

Try as much as possible to focus on their legacy of good feelings and especially watch out for intuitive guidance in different situations, as grief may cause you to be more reflective.

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