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Unlock Your Potential

Do you have a health symptom that is causing you distress? Did you know that chronic stress and inflammation can either cause or contribute to most health symptoms?  Are your habits working for you...or against you?

"I've been battling with this issue for 23 years. One session with Suzi and I'm completely over it and feeling better than ever! She has such a wide range of techniques, each session is tailored to your individual needs. I also came away with a recording of my hypnosis so that I can continue to work on this issue myself. I cannot recommend her highly enough."  Angela Morris, Birchington-on-Sea, Kent.

Natural Weight Loss, Dietary Plans and Lifestyle Coaching

Are you looking for help to get the quality of your health back into balance? Do you wish to have vibrant energy and become a healthy weight but don't know how?  

Weight loss programme: 5 sessions of NLP, Hypnosis and Breakthrough Coaching to fast track your results.  Get in touch to find out if hypnosis is suitable for YOU?

Pain and Somatic Health Symptoms

Are you suffering with pain?

Wherever there is pain there is blocked energy.  It is understood that holding worry, fears or anger inside for a long time eventually shows up as pain in the physical body.  Together we can remove these constrictions and rebalance the whole of your vital energy system.

"Over the past ten years I have sent Mrs. Suzi Tyler patients with acute and chronic pain syndromes and somatic symptoms which did not respond to conventional medical therapy,  These patients have given me very good feedback and I would fully recommend Mrs Tyler.  In particular, I feel the procedures which she uses are an excellent tool to provide fast and good results in the reduction of psychological distress."  Dr, Gerhard Esser, Whitstable Medical Practice, Chestfield Medical Centre, Kent.

Are you suffering with sleepless nights, an anxious mind that's always worrying and it seems to be getting worse?  Sleep issues can begin with a stressful period at work, a relationship issue or loss, or can even be triggered by parental responsibilities from a new baby.  Everyone feels better for having a great night sleep, but worrying about 'anything' at night is going to cause wakefulness.  Because we are creatures of habit, this can easily become a cycle that develops a sleeplessness pattern that is hard to break without a different approach.

"Morning Suzi....I slept for 7 hours last night uninterrupted...the weird and wonderful thing was I went to bed knowing I would sleep...thank you.  The best thing was I fell asleep I imagine within at the most 5 minutes."  Alison Oidea, Whitstable, Kent.

Emotionally charged health issues such as acne, IBS, food intolerances, candida, leaky gut, inflammation and auto immune disorders can all be successfully improved with the latest hypnotic processes.  Removing fear, negative beliefs and stressful emotions around a health issue allows the body to heal naturally.  Life threatening health issues such as cancer can be helped by clearing suppressed hatred, grievances, old hurts and guilt that interfere with the body's natural healing processes.

You can book a breakthrough session at my beautiful Birchington practice in Kent.  Or, you can book into the beautiful 5 Star Witherdens Hall Retreat, Wingham.  For those who have access to London, I can see you at my Harley Street practice, near Cavendish Square, a few minutes from Oxford Circus, London W1.

For those who require the flexibility and convenience of an online session, I assure you it can have the same impact as being physically present.  Video Skype, Zoom or Facetime are easy to schedule.

Call Suzi on +44(0)7836 635233 to arrange a discovery session.

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