Hypnotherapy in Kent & London W1

Weight Loss Programme, Quit Smoking for Good, Deep Peaceful Sleep

Vibrant Energy Lifestyle

Unlock your potential for a vibrant energy lifestyle. When you remove hidden conflicts in the form of fear based beliefs, emotional stress and sabotaging behaviour, your body will reward you with enthusiasm and a lust for life.  

"I've been battling with this issue for 23 years. One session with Suzi and I'm completely over it and feeling better than ever! She has such a wide range of techniques, each session is tailored to your individual needs. I also came away with a recording of my hypnosis so that I can continue to work on this issue myself. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She's a genuine person that really wants to help people. If you want guaranteed results then this is what you need. I have recommended her to family and friends and everyone is just as happy as I am. If you want to improve your life and deal with your issues then you have found the perfect person to enable you to do that."  14.05.17 Angela Morris, Birchington-on-Sea, Kent.

 Weight Loss Programme  How to lose weight with alignment and inner peace.

Do you self-sabotage your good intentions?  Are you repeating a cycle of guilt, shame and low self-esteem?  If all the focus is on dieting, it can make you feel deprived or worse, increase your appetite.   Losing weight and keeping it off IS possible when you change unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs.   

"Thank you for helping me to lose 2 stone in weight.  I am still exercising, saying no to all the chocolates that get handed round on the ward and totally loving my new improved life.  I was able to hold my head up at the wedding with my X-partner parading his new girlfriend.  I was so happy that I hadn't let my son down and felt proud of how I looked."     Jill, Westgate.  


Quit Smoking Programme - 100% success guarantee  £225

"Thank you so much for your help,  I definately am a NON SMOKER and a happy healthy person who can now play with the grandchildren" Barbara May, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent.  

"I am a healthy, happy, grateful NON SMOKER!!! thank you, I haven't even wanted one.  I meet Suzi 3 months ago, we discussed becoming a non smoker and since my visit I have not had one cigarette. I would recommend a visit as talking to someone makes you think and vision things in a different light."  Laura Caswell, Margate, Kent.


Vibrant Health cannot be sustained without Deep Peaceful Sleep

Poor quality sleep or lack of sleep can suppress an otherwise strong immune system.  Immune disorders almost always correlate with adrenal overload and sleep disfunction.   Therefore releasing stress with the aim of rebalancing the body is not a luxury; it is a necessity for long term vibrant health and energy.  

"Morning Suzi....I slept for 7 hours last night uninterrupted...the weird and wonderful thing was I went to bed knowing I would sleep...thank you.  The best thing was I fell asleep I imagine within at the most 5 minutes."  Alison Oidea, Whitstable, Kent.

If you are wantiSuzi-Chibing a breakthrough, get in touch with Suzi to find out how.  You can book your breakthrough at Birchington, Whitstable (Kent) or Harley Street, London W1. Simply call:   07836 635233 or email suzi@rapid-health.co.uk

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