Privacy Policy

Your data is stored by Suzi Tyler, Rapid-Health (RH) within the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

RH does not share your data with any third parties under any circumstances, unless required to do so by a Court Order.

Information you provide to RS as part of your session, workshop, membership application or course process will normally be retained in accordance with the Data Protection Act and destroyed a certain amount of time after your session, course or membership lapses.

RH may use your contact data to communicate with you direct for important information salient to membership and course provision and to advise you of new products and services. You may opt out of receiving communications from the RH at any time.

Personal information which you share with RH as part of your membership applications or course processes – for example, personal disclosures as part of your personal development or as part of therapeutic training – are treated in the strictest confidence. This means that the RH will not disclose any such materials unless required by a Court Order or unless such materials provide evidence of criminality, or potential or actual harm to yourself or another person.

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