Life Coaching – Confidence & Self esteem

Program your Success with Confidence

Unlock your Potential

Is low self-confidence, low self-esteem, disappointments or a lack of self-belief getting you down?

Would you love to create a mindset that is clear, content but eager for more?

Imagine 5 years ahead… How would you prefer your life to be?  How would you like to improve?  What do you want to experience and achieve?   

Are you ready for opportunities to become available with good feeling surprises?  

Are you learning valuable lessons from setbacks, difficulties and failures?  

Are you taking incremental steps forward on a clear path that is focused, flexible and free?

Are you aligned with your core values and purpose?

Are you valuing all the good in your life right now?

Discovering your Purpose

Anything that fills you with energy, sparkle or passion is feedback that you are on the right path.  Your purpose can be sparked from a childhood interest, gift or talent.  It can also arise from contrast experiences and challenges.

It is never too late…

Ann Bird, 87 has overcome extraordinary childhood challenges, a fatal death of her beloved son and therapeutic set-backs.  Ann has a natural warmth and compassion, making a significant difference in her community.  She has been formerly recognised for her National History Contribution and continues to develop a show garden that gives enormous pleasure year after year.  Her love for art, dismissed by  an ‘authoritative’ adult, has since been re-discovered and Ann now exhibits an art collection, with great fulfilment.”  

If the next chapter of your life was the best, what would you intend for yourself?  There is no one else exactly like you.  Discover why ‘different’ or ‘weird’ does not need to limit you?

Suzi 236

Programme your success with confidence:    A Coaching Value Elicitation provides insights, clarity and direction.  What is most important to you in the context of health, relationships and career?

Be open to Inspiration:   What fills you with enthusiasm and energy?  Perhaps there is something you have always wanted to do that you haven’t got round to yet?

Breakthrough blocks in your thinking…  Suzi can offer you a single session or a life coaching package to suit.

Birchington-on-Sea, Whitstable or Wingham, Kent and Harley Street, London or VIDEO SKYPE.  


Get in touch with Suzi on UK +44(0)1843 846947  +44(0)7836 635233 for a FREE (no obligation) informal discovery conversation now.










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