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Fear – Just let go…for a day

Fear is a natural response to protect us. However, fear – just like everything else, can become a habit. The most invasive fear is the fear of loss. Loss of health, a loved one, earning a living, an attachment to something such as house. Living in a state of fear is a habit worth breaking! The fear habit goes onto create anxiety disorders and nervous exhaustion. Perhaps the fear habit has become part of your identity – and you don’t know how to let it go? We are each responsible for our own physical and emotional wellbeing – so just for a day – give yourself a wonderful free, peaceful feeling inside and just let go of any fear you may be holding onto… count your blessings and trust that everything is unfolding as it is meant to… much love, Suzi xxxx

Updated Website

21st February 2011 So happy that my updated website has gone live, still a few little additions, any feedback very welcome. Please feel free to post a suggestion for a topic that might help you. Much love, Suzi p.s. 0nly one place now for next Sunday 27th February, Deep Relaxation Spa Day – Whitstable, Kent.

Spa Day – 27th Feb

4th February 2011. Very Different Spa Day Experience. Champagne Reception, Deep guided meditation, EFT Tapping Skills, Delicious lunch, 2 spa treatments – Everything Inclusive for a Day of Deep Relaxation. Incredible value £125!!!! Book now, only 3 places remain.

Our 16th January Spa day is currently sold out. We are taking bookings for 27th February. Experience a Deep Relaxation Spa Gift – with a difference.

15th December 2010 post.  January Spa Day Sold Out.  Taking bookings for February 27th 2011.  Experience stress clearing guided deep relaxation, choice of two mini treatments:  Indian Head Massage; Neck, shoulder & back massage; mini facial or manicure.  Plus+++nutritional therapy, surprise stress release at your fingertips….And+++Delicious healthy lunch and refreshments, all for only £95 early bird offer!

60 second re-boot gift for you

1st November – Have you ever felt overloaded with many ideas and difficulties running all at the same time? Just as a computer sometimes freezes or crashes when we have too many things running, so does our mind. Or should I say, it would like to. However we keep on ….and on….and on…..Just STOP and find a safe place to take a 60 second break! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing (within reason) you can be sitting or standing, just close your eyes and imagine you are looking up at a completely turned off computer screen. Nothing – that’s right….nothing… Close your eyes. Roll your eyes upwards as though they are looking through the centre of your head and send your focus up…up ….up ….past the very last star into the black darkness of space….for just 60 seconds. Quite literally RE-BOOT and REFRESH. With much love, Suzi x

Skills for Success Event

14th October 2010 Just returned from a Skills and Success Event at Canterbury University. Met some inspiring individuals who are all working to help raise the level of expertise and opportunity for everyone! Up to £1000 funding is available for small businesses with five or more employees, to help develop business leadership skills. Drop me a line if this is of interest to you.

Deep Relaxation Spa Gift

All inclusive One Day Spa Experience – Whitstable  16th January and 27th February.  2 luxury mini treatments, deep guided relaxation, surprise stress release at your fingertips +++delicious nutritious lunch and refreshments.  The Ultimate Indulgence – the ideal gift solution.  £125 or Incredible Early Bird Offer for only £95.    ASK NOW!   Also Exclusive Corporate Days.

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