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Mindfulness Therapy

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Just like exercising a muscle to create strength, mindfulness trains the mind to make space for something fresh and fun to arrive.  Opportunities are everywhere and even painful experiences are opportunities to learn and grow stronger.  When you have a trained, calm mind you will feel strong and curious.  When you understand how to slow your brainwaves to enter a super calm state, you will feel more clear, confident and optimistic about the future.  All anxiety sufferers would benefit from Rapid-Health’s Mindfulness Programme.  Six weeks of carefully crafted instruction to place you into a calm, confident state.

Benefits of Rapid-Health’s Mindfulness Training

  •  Mindfulness encourages you to have more of your awareness in the now.
  •  Mindfulness improves mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
  •  Mindfulness encourages you to ‘non judgmentally’ dis-identify with negative self talk.
  •  Mindfulness is Quality Time that unlocks your ‘happy’ mood.
  •  Mindfulness trains the mind to experience a calm space which allows an easier transition into deeper sleep.

Learn how to use rapid hypnosis shortcuts to re-set a positive focus.

Look and feel more attractive  You will discover that mindfulness not only stimulates calm.  All those feel good ‘hormones’ can give you a radiant glow.

You can expect to add more productive hours to your day with all that wasted worry removed, you will feel more vibrant.     

A. A busy mind is a little like having a cluttered room.  It is less efficient and a bit messy.
1.  Mindfulness is an approach that maximises the mind’s potential.
2.  Anxiety sufferers are caught up in a stream of thought without space.  There is a constant vigilance and fearing a ‘perceived’ threat.  Perceived pressures and fears that have not yet happened and might never happen.
3.  Mindfulness Therapy trains the mind to create a beautiful feeling space.
4.  When you approach every mindfulness practice with a fresh and curious mind, you are training your mind to value the simple things.  When you can appreciate the simple things, the bigger things can surprise and delight you.  An attitude of gratitude with an optimistic, well trained mind, has no room for fear.
5.  If you can devote a few moments of ‘quality YOU TIME’ to simply follow the natural rhythm of your breath, as you allow thoughts to come and go. You are creating a space for inner peace and calm to take up residence.
If you are interested in booking onto a six week mindfulness training, get in touch.  New classes beginning September.  Private one-to-one and Group Sessions available.

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