Mindfulness Classes in Birchington

Mindfulness Mentoring

Mindfulness Classes in Birchington +44(0)7836 635233

Classes fortnightly on Thursday at 11.30am. Birchington-on-Sea. Find out if it is for you.  FREE for your first session, then just £10.  You can enquire by calling Suzi  +44(0)7836 635233

Why worry?  Why struggle?  Why stress?    

Learn how to create more energy for the fun things in life…and truly appreciate them.  Giving yourself permission to relax might sound silly, but most of us are always thinking we should be doing something else.  Learn how to add more satisfying productive hours to your day with all that wasted worry removed, you WILL feel more calm, confident and alive.     

1.  Mindfulness can be taught in many different ways.  My style of mindfulness training is an approach that blends well with NLP principles and self-esteem boosting self compassion, helping to improve self-mastery with good feelings.  
2.  Anxiety sufferers are caught up in a stream of negative thoughts.  There is a constant vigilance and fearing a ‘perceived’ threat or worse case scenario, things that have not yet happened and might never happen.
3.  Mindfulness can be combined with transformational skills to enhance and improve every area of your life: healthy habits, relationship happiness, active listening skills, inner calm, self confidence and fulfilment.
4.  When you approach a mindfulness practice with a fresh and curious mind, you are training your mind with good feelings.  A well trained mind has no time for anxiety and fear.
5.  When you live your life mindfully – you will discover what it is to feel BOTH contented AND inspired.
New classes beginning January 2019.  Every fortnight on Thursday at 11.30am. Birchington-on-Sea. FREE for your first session then just £10.  You can enquire by calling Suzi  +44(0)7836 635233