Mindfulness & Self-Hypnosis

Mindfulness & Self-Help Hypnosis

Discover the World of Mindfulness & Self-Hypnosis

You will learn powerful hypnotic short-cuts to slow your brainwaves to enter an empowering, super calm, peaceful state.  This highly creative state facilitates heightened intuition with freedom from the mind’s usual chatter.

How to use leading edge self-hypnosis with mindfulness skills 

  • Use mindfulness to boost your health, happiness and harmony
  • Learn Self-Hypnosis for stress relief and receptive states to condition the mind with empowering beliefs, uplifting emotions, positive identity and intention.
  • Explore how to create balance
  • Unlock your Potential for vibrant health, relationship happiness, confidence, self-esteem and success.

“Learn how to relax your mind with simple short cuts that slow your brainwaves.”

Look and feel more attractive  You will discover that mindfulness will not only boost your happiness, all those feel good ‘hormones’ will give you a radiant glow.

Very soon you can expect to add more productive hours to your day with all that wasted worry removed.    

Practices:  Birchington-on-Sea, Kent; Whitstable; Harley Street, London W1 and Skype or Facetime.

Call Suzi on 07836 635233 to find out if Mindfulness and/or Self-Hypnosis is suitable for you.  

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