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How happy are you?

Happiness is a ‘general feeling’ that arises quite naturally as a result of thinking from a positive set of beliefs, thoughts and feelings.   Positive beliefs are essential for navigating life challenges with strength, courage and endurance.  Everyone will lose someone they love sooner or later… or they will leave someone they love.  Loss or the fear of loss underpins much unhappiness.

Relationships have always been significant for personal happiness, but have you ever considered your relationship with time? It is important to make peace with the past and simply yield to the future to embrace NOW.

Happiness can seem out of reach if you are struggling with day to day difficulties with a negative set of thought patterns from the past.  Momentum is key – the more consciously aware you become of how you are thinking, the less you will be affected by outside circumstances.

Are you critical, competitive and hard on yourself?  If you are, go a little easier on yourself and practice mindfulness compassion.

How can you start the day a little more positive?  If you don’t begin your day with a positive mindset, negative momentum will take hold and influence the day.   Science has proven that by actively searching out new positive ways of viewing the same things, you can flip your feelings into a better direction.

If you are going through a phase of feeling happy – allow yourself to enjoy it!  Momentum is King, so go for it!

Do you feel guilty feeling happy?  Are you punishing yourself for something?  Are you holding onto the past?  Are you willing to forgive yourself?  Sometimes happiness is just a decision away, so allow yourself to feel good.  It is not a goal to be put out into the future – Embrace NOW!

If you have been feeling depressed, go easy on yourself because you may only have access to feelings like relief.  Your pathway to happiness is to reach for anything that feels soothing…hope…acceptance…focusing on something like nature, sport, music, calm, tranquility.   Please ask for guidance.

So, having read the above, what simple action will you take today to create the kind of life that gives you a purposeful, peaceful, passionate HAPPY….and settle for nothing less!

Whist you are moving forward if you would like some help or guidance, I’d love to help you.

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