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Can Mindfulness Help Anxiety?

1.  Mindfulness is an approach that can train the mind to move out of the habit of insessant worrying.
2.  Anxiety sufferers are caught up in a stream of thought.  There is a constant vigilance and fearing a ‘perceived’ threat.  Perceived pressures and fears that have not yet happened and might never happen.
3.  Mindfulness is a practice of being fully present in the current moment.  There are many different styles of teaching mindfulness and each teacher will have their own personal approach.  Every fortnight, I host a Mindfulness Group Practice in my home practice in Birchington-on-Sea.
4.  My approach is to guide some formal exercises and to facilitate different mindfulness practices that can be enjoyed in between sessions.
5.  When you approach a mindfulness practice with a fresh and curious mind, you are training your mind to value simple things.  An attitude of gratitude with an optimistic, well-trained mind, has no time for anxiety and fear.
6.  When you include mindfulness ‘quality YOU TIME’ – you will discover what it is to feel really ALIVE.
New classes from January 2019.  Every fortnight – 11.30am Thursdays.  Birchington-on-Sea +44(0)7836 635233

If you are interested in my mindfulness group practice or private mentoring, get in touch.

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