Unlock your Potential

WELCOME.  Suzi Tyler, IDPC, HypDip, Certified EFT Matrix Reimprinting, Master Trainer NLP, Master Hypnotherapist (BIH & CNHC Registered).  JOIN me for an amazing journey into self discovery and empowerment.   Discover your purpose with a clear direction that allows you to feel fulfilled, curious and excited.   "You flicked a switch and I will be forever grateful."  Jenny Williamson, Littlebourne.

BREAKTHROUGH persistent fears, anxiety and hidden conflicts that destroy vibrant health, relationship happiness and inner peace.  "without Suzi's matrix of coping mechanisms I would have continued allowing myself to suffer.  A number of incidents left me broken but Suzi made a difference and anyone I find struggling, there is only one lady I recommend. Thank you Suzi for everything! Hannah, London.  " Thanks seems such a tiny word when my gratitude is so huge - what a session!  One of the most significant healing moments in my lifetime, really!" Julia Ronder, Canterbury   

  • Transformational Therapy "...after seeing you, I feel like nature is totally on my side...it's such a relaxed way of living.  I've quit smoking, I'm exercising, travelling and loving my new life." Meena Rajput, London.  
  • Confidence & Self-esteem  "Suzi has helped me overcome all of my issues and boosted my confidence in only three sessions!" Jordan Stapleton, Thanet, Kent.  
  • Relationship Issues  "After your truly life changing help this summer, I am able to form a (never before) loving relationship."  P. Richardson, Whitstable. "
  • Breakthrough your fears - adults & children.   Learn how to feel calm, confident and focused.  Fear of Performing (Public Speaking)  "The poetry recitation was a huge success!  Your techniques enabled her to get up in front of all the schools and parents and recite it perfectly!  She was even teaching the others so they would be less nervous too - This is a big victory!"  L. Cox-Chester, Wingham, Kent.   Fear of heights/panic being trapped "...I am so grateful to you for giving me the coping mechanisms to go down into the caves - the feeling of achievement was great!" Jo White ~ Broadstairs, Kent


  1. 8 Green Road, Birchington-on-Sea, Grenham Bay, (Thanet) Kent. CT7 9JZ    
  2. Convenient one-to-one Video Skype, Facetime or Telephone  
  3. Witherdens Hall Cottage Retreat, Wingham, Kent  
  4. Horsebridge Art Centre, Whitstable, Kent  
  5. Harley Street Therapy Centre, Suite 2, 2 Harley Street, London.  W1G 9PA   

Learn life changing rapid-health skills, strategies and techniques to unlock your potential for love, fulfilling relationships, self-esteem, confidence, vibrant health & happiness.

Get in touch with Suzi on UK +44(0)1843 846947  +44(0)7836 635233 to find out how I can help you. 


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