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4 SUCCESS Blocks you MUST remove


Everyone has the potential to improve, progress, achieve and succeed. How you feel about your dreams and potential depends on the following:

1. Identity

If you can’t see or identify with your change, you are standing behind a locked door blocking your path.   If pleasure is a hard-wired motivator, it is ESSENTIAL that the new version of you makes you feel good.  

2. Emotions

a)  Boost Emotional State: All negative behaviours, addictions and stuck states begin with a desire for pleasure. Human Beings are motivated towards pleasure, so it is natural to seek the means to elevate/boost your emotional state.

b)  Escape from a Bad Emotional State/Situation: When Human Beings are feeling stressed they are motivated towards escape.  Panic attacks are a symptom of the mind seeking escape.

c)  If you want to quit anything, an essential step is to ‘uncover’ the ‘payoff’. As an example, when someone quits smoking with all good intentions and they are unaware of the ‘significant payoff’, it is the equivalent of them swimming upstream.  Eventually they will tire and the stream will take them back to the beginning. In other words, they have to get emotionally involved, passionate and committed (addicted even) with the greater payoffs for the changes they want to become.

3. Beliefs

You hold the key to empower yourself with positive psychology, encouraging beliefs to unlock any potential for change, personal development, confidence and success. If you fail to meet your expectations or the expectations of others and judge yourself to be a ‘failure’, you will be standing behind a closed door labelled with any number of these:  ‘STUCK, BLOCKED, FEAR, DISAPPOINTMENT, REGRET, GUILT, PRESSURE, ANXIETY, PAIN & SORROW’.   Any preferred change must sync with your beliefs to succeed.  

4.  Guilt

Wherever there is guilt, there is punishment which shows up as self-sabotage.   This can be in the form of seemingly unrelated HEALTH SYMPTOMS AND HOLDING YOURSELF BACK.  You have to give yourself full permission to release guilt, consciously and subconsciously to succeed.

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Unless you address your identity, emotions, beliefs and any guilt blocks… progress will be limited, inconsistent and hap-hazardous or not at all.

We are not taught these skills in school, or I certainly wasn’t.  I have persistently studied the most detailed elements of human progress and I am here to provide ONE-TO-ONE Breakthrough Sessions to facilitate rapid-change.

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3 Top Habits of Vibrantly Healthy, Happy People

  1. Make Vibrant habits your highest priority and develop the mindset that makes the difference.   “Vibrant health means:  High energy,  relaxed focus, wellbeing, happy feelings, strong, flexible & cardio fit, enthusiastic, generous and alive.”    Planning a balanced diet that includes plenty of raw, fresh colourful fruits, vegetables & salads, lovingly prepared and savoured will boost massive reserves of energy throughout the day, so that you are able to enjoy your time well into the evening.  Apart from including more plant based enzyme rich foods, letting go of any ‘stress habit’ means starting your day off a little earlier with an exercise, meditation or mind focusing routine.   Just as you can train a dog with rewards – you can train your mind in much the same way by associating ‘massive pleasure’ to any new behaviour you want to create.   Tell your mind what you want, not what you don’t want:  “Vibrant health & energy is available to me today.”   WRITE IT DOWN – soak it in.    You can literally rewire your brain to give you what you want in as little as 21 days.   I reward myself with an energy packed breakfast that is simply delicious.    “My favourite treat breakfast includes cherries and sweet berries with a mouthwatering selection of my favourite passion fruits.     I include eating mindfully, savouring each juicy, blissful, naturally sweet mouthful.  With this one action, I am honouring my body, energy and life with immense gratitude.”
  2. Time is your most valuable resource.  Success requires a decision and commitment to taking action. Deciding what is most important for the day and getting it done first, becomes its own reward.   Breaking down bigger goals into smaller managable tasks can break through procrastination.  There are different ways of choosing what to do first.  One method is getting done what you dislike the most – FIRST.   This method releases valuable energy by getting it out of the way.  Success will often include less enjoyable aspects that need to be taken care of, such as a training, studying, presenting, accounting, auditioning, even exercising for some people is a drain…and if you re-train yourself to love your least favourite bits – even better.  You can then move through your day feeling fully focused without any nagging feeling that you should be doing something else.
  3. Whatever you give your attention to grows.  So AWARENESS & INTENTION really is KEY if you want to design your life.  If you genuinely desire vibrant health, happiness, energy and success.  One mindfulness technique I like to share, includes Breath in PEACE, breath out with a SMILE.  In peace…out smile.

I hope you enjoyed my top 3 tips for creating vibrant health, happiness and success with tons more energy.


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