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Stress Awareness & Warnings

“A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one.”    Stress is often considered to be normal, but what starts off as normal, can very easily turn nasty.   A certain amount of stress in the form of exercise, excitement, fresh challenges and life saving reactiveness is all good, so when does stress turn into something else?

Whatever harms your health and vitality is wise to be aware of.   If you feel constantly tired, overwhelmed or emotionally reactive; stress chemicals flood your body to fight, flight or freeze.   When the perceived ‘threat’ is over, the body will do everything it can to re-establish balance.   However, if the threat is workload, challenging relationships, time pressures, inner conflicts or fear, these will compound over time and threaten your quality of life.   Life events are not in themselves a stress.  Awareness is a state of mind that can be developed and improved.  A ‘perceiver’ who is in a state of moment by moment awareness (as oppose to reactiveness) interprets a situation, with a choice to respond with calm or stress.  Setbacks and even a rejection can be perceived as a stressful frustration or a challenge.  Uncomfortable/fearful/stressful emotions cannot be processed if resisted, so if a person avoids and represses a painful emotion,  it can become stuck in the body and mind, and act as a future stress trigger.

Warning:  If stress becomes constant or extreme, symptoms of adrenal fatigue are lowered immune system, hormonal imbalances, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, ME, MS, IBS and mood swings.   If the thyroid system becomes over strained…it is irreversible.

Do any of these feel familiar?  Feeling fatigued or exhausted… snapping at your loved ones…feeling that you need to defend yourself all the time…blaming others…feeling defensive and constantly angry…feeling pressured with exams, expectations or work… feeling conflicted or struggling with indecision…dealing with a number of life challenges, all at once…transitioning a divorce or loss…moving house…work conditions or hours feel too much and conflict with family values…always feeling there is not enough time…are a self confessed perfectionist!…suffering a health symptom or addiction that hurts your feelings, causes shame and low self-esteem …

Stress awareness is the cornerstone of a vibrant energy lifestyle.  Get in touch with Suzi 07836 635233 to learn how to create reserves of vibrant energy to enjoy the quality lifestyle you deserve.  Sessions are designed to provide a strategy that makes life feel amazing for you.  Discover why it is vital to master your emotional and mental state with good feelings now.    

Appointments are available in Birchington, Whitstable, Witherdens Hall Retreat – Wingham (near Canterbury),  Kent and Harley Street, London W1.  Also Video Skype.







Setbacks or Sabotage?

Setbacks or Sabotage?

How you deal with setbacks is significant.  Success coaching inspires us to seek the learning opportunities in any and all setbacks.    Setbacks are never failure.  There will always be stops, starts, pauses…they are there to teach us something… Sometimes, not getting what we think we want, is actually a wonderful stroke of luck.

Sabotage is very different.  This behaviour can destroy any hope of lasting fulfilment.

Breakthrough Sessions not only explore values, goals, preferences.  They will illuminate any blind spots, such as sabotage.

This will enable you to:

1. Break free from limiting behaviours or procrastination.

2. Are you judging yourself as guilty of something?  This too can cause sabotage.  So together we can explore how best to make peace with your past to create a fresh chapter in your life.

3. When you align your subconscious beliefs with the values that are most important to you, your life will feel like an amazing fulfilling adventure.


Get in touch with Suzi on 07836 635233 for a free discovery chat.

3 Tips to Deal with Disappointment

Why Disappointment can limit your potential.  Disappointment is the emotion we feel when contrasted with a preferred expectation or ideal.  Disappointment feels terrible!   It is common to feel angry when we are hurt and upset, so for some, disappointment triggers anger.  Just like the classical Pavlov’s Dogs theory of conditioning an emotional response, disappointment, like many other uncomfortable emotions, can become a conditioned response that creates fear and avoidance.  Fearing disappointment can become a significant problem when stacked through repetition and association.

Take Action:

1. Anger is an active energy and as long as you don’t release your anger with aggression, you can release anger with any form of physical exertion.  Sport, exercise of any kind helps to process feelings of disappointment.

2.  Disappointment is an emotional state and you have the power to change how you feel.    Put your hand on your heart, breath in and out deeply as though you are breathing through your heart.  Continue to do so whilst imagining a favourite person, pet or loved one.  Take yourself on a holiday from cares or responsibilities for a few minutes whilst you allow yourself to turn up the colour, sounds, feelings of being on your favourite holiday with someone you love.  Make the picture big, bright and happy.  Continue to breath through your heart and notice how easy it was to change your emotional state.   So now decide how you are going to move forward and get busy creating a value inspired life.

3. If you like to write things down, clarify the disappointment and ask the question – how specifically is it a problem for me?   Having accepted and acknowledged responsibility for the problem, how can you manage or improve the situation?  What one action can you take?  Write it down?  If possible, choose three learnings or actions you can take within the next 24 hours and watch the helplessness disappear.

Disappointment paralyses growth    Humans are not designed to be perfect, yet we aspire to a perfection world.  High achievers with high standards will always be perfecting….In the long run, high achievers anxiety destroys, health, happiness, inner peace and fulfilment.

If you need further help to create a value inspired life, get in touch with Suzi on 07836 635233.



Are you sensitive to stress or sugar?

Have you have become sensitive to stress or sugar?  Sugar is added to so many fast foods that you may have been consuming more than you realised.  In addition, stress has become a ‘normal’ state which contributes to extra sugar – hormone imbalance – cravings – more weight (especially round the middle) and more stress!

How can stress spike sugar levels in the blood? ~  Feeling pressured, overwhelmed or ‘not enough’ would do it.  Sleep deprivation is another serious stress affecting most parents!    Stress linked to  work pressures, not enough time, dissatisfaction with self,  body image, money worries, comparing self to others, feelings of ‘not enough’, unhappiness, anger,  frustration, guilt, blame….  consider now, what are your current stressors?

Rate yourself out of 10, with 10 feeling very stressed and 0 feeling neutral – how stressed have you felt over the last month?
Anything over 5 is too high.  Find one thing you can do to release this stress within the next few hours?

Do you have  fat around your middle but don’t know why?
This is another symptom of stress and food sensitivity, often caused by eating whilst stressed.

To find out how I can help you, get in touch with Suzi on 07836 635233 and leave your name, number and a brief message and you will be contacted within 48 hours.

“If you are insterested in learning more, read on…”

So why does stress cause sugar sensitivity?  Stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline spike sugar levels.  Your gut has a memory….so you may have become sensitive to sugar during this time without realising.  An explosive argument can be an approx equivalent of about 5 bars of chocolate.

Stress – Sugar Sensitivity – Weight gain ~  Stress not only causes your blood sugar levels to fluctuate, spike and gain weight.  The resulting crash in sugar causes sugar cravings, having you reach for the chocolate, carbs, sweets…All of this  is a core contributor to food intollerances, especially sugar sensitivity.

If that wasn’t enough, your gut makes associations  with the foods you are eating  to the ‘unhappy’ stress you are feeling and REMEMBERS….

Enzymes are needed to digest your food and enzymes are blocked by the stress hormone cortisol.  Stressful feelings = poor digestion, food intolerance, IBS …. more stress.  Good feelings = easy, comfortable, calm digestion.

Can you reset your gut memory? 

Yes – definitely.

How to create a calm comfortable gut

1.  Re-map gut memory associated to stress

2.  Re-map your beliefs associated to stress

3.  Relax and enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes sugar, in fact anything with good feelings.

To find out how I can help you, get in touch with Suzi on 07836 635233 and leave your name, number and a brief message and you will be contacted within 48 hours.

Sleep ~ Friend or Foe?

Beauty woman in spa
Sleep Softly & Soundly – Discover Peaceful Sleep – Awaken feeling Refreshed & Relaxed
Sleep Softly & Soundly All Night Long – Discover Peaceful Sleep

Are anxiety feelings about not sleeping keeping you awake?

Sleep Anxiety or Insomnia?   Do you wake up in the early hours and worry?  Perhaps the anxiety of not getting to sleep, feeling exhausted or an emotional conflict is keeping you awake?

Is pain or tension keeping you awake?  Perhaps pain, discomfort or combinations of medications are keeping you awake?

Too many pressures?   Fears of being judged, exposed, feeling exhausted under the pressure of a great opportunity can tip sleep patterns into a downward spiral and become a negative habit.

Has insomnia or sleeplessness become a negative habit?    All habits are strengthened by practising the same behaviour.  For example, fear is a habit that grows stronger the more attention we give it.  Habits grow through attention and repetition.

Are you longing for a peaceful night’s sleep? 

New habits can be conditioned more easily with powerful processes that condition your unconscious mind.

Break the cycle of anxiety associated with sleep difficulties.

Fast track your results by calling Suzi to arrange a FREE chat to find out if I can help you: 01843 846947 or 07836 635233

Why dance?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAny active ‘happy’ hobby that replaces or reduces smoking, alcohol or overeating is going to help you to get fit and toned without even trying!

Dancing is brilliant mindfulness practice if you just relax and feel the music.

Structured, choreographed and freestyle dancing including tango, ballroom or salsa, boosts mental focus, clarity and concentration.

As well as a fun way to boost your health and energy, dancing can also be another easy way to increase ‘attraction mindfulness’ as you tune into the pleasure, freedom and connection with your partner.  You may even meet a ‘love’ partner.

If however you feel just too exhausted at the end of a long day and lack energy to go out, then you are going to love our 10 minute meditation that can add another two hours of energy to your day.

How can positive beliefs support you?

If positive, happy feelings create better health, how can positive beliefs also support you? During many client breakthroughs, I have noticed three core beliefs that block happiness. If you rate less than 8 out of 10, you will be harming your own happiness potential…and health.BnbBQboCcAAhlaC

  1. Worthy or Deserving: Rate yourself out of 10 – How deserving of ‘happiness’ do you actually feel? 10 – Yes I feel totally deserving and worthy of happiness (feels positive & strong) or 0 – No, I don’t feel worthy & deserving of happiness.
  2. It is easy and possible for me to change ~ How true does this feel? 10 – Yes very true or 0 – No, it’s impossible for me to change, I’ve tried before, but somehow it all goes wrong.
  3. It is completely safe and comfortable for me to be happy 10 – Yes, or 0 – No, it isn’t safe for me to be happy.

Your ability to be FREE to enjoy health enhancing positive, happy feelings relies on having core beliefs that support you.  Positive beliefs help your body to feel strong with optimal renewal and energy.

No matter how long you have practised a belief, it is easy and possible to change.  And for some it can be just a decision away…   If you don’t believe in yourself – this is just another blocking belief to change.

If you suspect a limiting belief is holding you back, sabotaging your health or happiness, get in touch with Suzi at to book a 1 hour Breakthrough to move forward positively.  07836 635233   Twitter & Video Skype: SuziTHealth.

For more information regarding audio belief change process, get in touch or go to



Do positive thoughts have power?

anxiety-attacks-4Some people believe they have no power over their thoughts or feelings.   Unless you have past traumas that overwhelm you by surprise, you have more power than you might think.

Maseru Emoto created an experiment that involved freezing pure water – when exposed to positive images, music or words – beautiful crystals formed.

Negative images and words created crystals that were spiky and unordered – so what does this mean?

The practice of mindfulness meditation teaches you to notice how you are feeling, so that you can reach for better feeling thoughts. Better feeling thoughts naturally are going to lead to stronger health, positive feelings and more happiness – Easy!

You can enjoy a free 15 min meditation for better feelings www.theformulabooks

If you require help with PTSD or panic attacks, get in touch. Video skype: SuziTHealth


“I Can’t Stop My Thoughts”

A new baby …a high stress business, job change …house move …a bereavement, family or financial struggles …all contribute to high anxiety, panic attacks, exhaustion or overwhelm.

An increasing number of celebrities, Fortune 500 and busy working parents are adding meditation to their agenda as a strategy to unleash creativity, productivity and performance.   Companies such as Virgin, IBM and Microsoft are encouraging meditation and mindfulness within the workplace.  They believe meditation is a priority for modern people who lead  hectic lives with jobs, family commitments and increasing expectations.

Just two x 10 minutes of meditation daily can give you the equivalent rest of 2 hours of sleep – which is a prize for productivity and balm for a worn out nervous system.

If you dabbled with meditation in the past but felt:  “I can’t stop my thoughts” or “I just can’t relax”    … and gave up – then you are going to love our Meditation Made Easy for beginners, coming soon.    To help you get started, you can download a FREE Guided Meditation by going to:   Any questions, we will be happy to answer.

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Kick Ass Visualisation

2015-01-19 23.01.55What do you want? Do you lack purpose or motivation when it matters?  Whether it is a career challenge, a beautiful home, a romantic relationship, better health, weight, fitness, a dream holiday, a new car or ‘inner peace’ – entrepreneurs, top athletes and performers all use visualisation to power their goals.

Most people fail because, visualisation only works ‘positively’ when your images feel good. Never underestimate the power of your feelings. If your image feels doubtful with any ”yes buts” – for example: “yes but it isn’t possible for me” …”yes but it’s too hard” …or  “yes but it isn’t safe for me to shine”… or “yes but I’m afraid of failure/disappointment” – you will have a conflicting, contradictory belief’ that will  create an invisible glass ceiling that blocks your true desires, success and results – keeping you stuck doing the same things.

You want to get out of your own way by choosing beliefs that are 100% strong .  If you need help to create strong beliefs that support your truth – The Formula’s 9 Steps to Happiness Deluxe Audios train your mind with positive beliefs that power your goals!

You can download our quick 10 min How to Visualise and Kick Ass Visualisation audios by going to the   Simply download to use on any device or mobile phone any time, any place – earphones work best.

You can  enjoy our Free Formula 15 min meditation to calm and our Deep Peaceful Sleep Meditation will calm anxious feelings at night.

Stress Awareness & Warnings

“A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one.”    Stress is often considered to be normal, …

Setbacks or Sabotage?

Setbacks or Sabotage? How you deal with setbacks is significant.  Success coaching inspires us to seek the learning opportunities …

3 Tips to Deal with Disappointment

Why Disappointment can limit your potential.  Disappointment is the emotion we feel when contrasted with a preferred expectation …