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3 Blocks Holding You Back



Sometimes the daily grind can blind us to what is most important to us.  Self-doubt, feeling lost, conflicted and dissatisfied are common habits to fall into.

1. IDENTITY  Make it a priority to get clear, who are you becoming? Motivation grows from taking daily actions. Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others.  Make each moment count!

2. EMOTIONS  We all grow up with EMOTIONAL blocks.  e.g. regrets, grievances, guilt, shame, disappointments.  Why remove them?  Because they are draining your energy, slowing you down and distracting your focus.   On my journey I found I was carrying limiting beliefs, disappointments, disapprovals, guilts and rejection, which not only stress our nervous system and zap our energy; they validate our fears.  Through contrast, I can genuinely appreciate the value of having vital tools that deal with challenges, setbacks and life’s adversity.

3. LIMITING BELIEFS act like Gremlins in the software of our minds.  Beliefs are filters which delete, distort and generalise ‘the Truth’.  POSITIVE BELIEFS act like Super Powers.  With a willingness, it is now possible to update many ‘gremlin’ beliefs.

If you feel lost or confused, conflicted or stressed, take the first step to reach out for help and guidance.  Contact Suzi on +44(0)7836 635233  or email to find how to proceed.  

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Confidence Tips

How to Feel More Confident

I am not talking about a fake confident veneer, just a natural confidence that feels real for you.  Aside from confidence feeling pleasurable, it is also very attractive.

1. When you let go of comparing yourself unfavourably to others…you will instantly feel happier and more confident.

2. If you focus too much on yourself, it can make you overly self conscious.   I am suggesting you accept whatever you cannot change and just get on with enjoying life.

3. Just a friendly smile and a few thoughtful acts of kindness will increase your confidence.

4. Looking for ways you can provide better service or quality for your clients, family or friends will improve how you feel about yourself.

5. Sometimes it is necessary to make sacrifices short term to secure the long term success.

6. Deciding not to think and speak all the negatives of your day…week….life  will improve your confidence.  Most people prefer to be around positive people because their energy is energising.

7. Do things for others because you want to – not because you need their approval.  This shift in deliberate focus will have a massive impact on your ability to feel confident.

8.  “Confidence inspires confidence. Confidence arises out of a congruency with action towards one’s highest values. If you are thinking, acting and feeling in line with your highest values, you will be inspired and present yourself with confidence. This one thing is the most attractive quality in a person.” -John Demartini

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